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Medical News Today: Who is most likely to experience 'hangxiety?'

New research has found that very shy people are more likely to have anxiety, possibly at debilitating levels, during a hangover. The findings also suggest that for these people, “hangxiety” might signal a higher risk of alcohol dependence. Some people may experience debilitating anxiety after a night of heavy drinking. Alcohol use disorder (AUD), a… Read More »

My experience with Basis

This post is sponsored by Basis. Hi friends! Happy almost-Friday! I hope you’re having a lovely morning and I’m so happy you enjoyed yesterday’s podcast episode! I had a blast talking with Dawn and learned so much from her during our chat. If there’s anyone you’d like to hear in upcoming episodes, please let me… Read More »

Avenu Health Personalizes Your Healthcare Experience – My Healthy Life Podcast: Episode 15

A human relationship – a connection – is the core of primary care and a key ingredient to health and wellness. That connection can look different for all of us. A new venture, Avenu Health, right here in Asheville is an alternative to the traditional primary care setting. Avenu Health is what’s called a “direct… Read More »

CIALIS (Tadalafil) J’AI TESTE POUR VOUS !: L’utilisation, les erreurs à ne pas commettre, les effets “sur le terrain” une expérience vécue enrichissante et unique. (French Edition)

Etes-vous de ceux qui connaissent le viagra, peut-être même seulement de nom, mais qui ne sont pas au courant qu’il existe une molécule beaucoup plus puissante et meilleure pour traiter les dysfonctions érectiles? Peut-être connaissez-vous ce médicament mais hésitez à faire le pas, peur de l’addiction, des effets secondaires, des effets réels ou supposés… la… Read More »