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Cannes 2019: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Continue to Make Heads Turn at the French Riviera

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. (Photo Credits: Instagram) Celebrities from the showbiz world are nailing the glamour quotient at the Cannes Festival 2019. From Deepika Padukone’s sexy looks to Priyanka Chopra classy dresses, we cannot take our eyes off these surreal beauties. Well, it is the third day of Cannes 2019, and the Divas continue… Read More »

In defense of French fries

I thought it must be a slow news day. The New York Times ran a story about French fries with a conclusion that shocked no one: French fries aren’t a particularly healthy food choice. But is this anything new? And just how bad are they? Could French fries actually kill you? Maybe. At least, that’s… Read More »

CD4 count recovery: French study reaffirms why it is important to test and treat HIV early

Seven-in-ten people with HIV taking combined antiretroviral therapy for the first time recover their CD4 cell count to above 500 cells/mm3, French researchers report in AIDS. Having a higher CD4 cell count and a higher CD4/CD8 ratio at the time of starting treatment predicted CD4 recovery (strongly, for the former; to a certain extent, for… Read More »

Lavender Essential Oil. 100% Pure and Certifed Organic Lavender Oil. Aromatherapy Massage Oil. Sooths Burns, Headache. Great for acne. Insomnia Treatment. French Lavender. Fresh Lavender Fragrence.

THE ALL IN ONE ESSENTIAL OIL One of the most wonderful of aromatics, lavender is a sinfully luscious fragrance. At WellnesScent our organic lavender oil is outstanding and we pride ourselves on its quality. Premium therapeutic grade 100% natural and pure, without using syntetic chemicals which can be harmful>Lavender essential oil is the most useful… Read More »

CIALIS,LEVITRA,VIAGRA,KAMAGRA, Choisissez le meilleur en moins de trente minutes: Comparez pour vous, le viagra est loin d’être le seul à être redoutablement efficace! (French Edition)

                  Les docteurs vous prescrivent la plupart du temps des médicaments qui vous conviennent mais il se peut que parfois ces professionnels soient influencés par les laboratoires pharmaceutiques Les nombreuses publicités de ces médicaments pour traiter les problèmes d’érection sont souvent orientées et veulent vous faire consommer, chacune, leur produit, sans nécésairement être objectif. Peut-être que… Read More »