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Think you don’t like sport? You just haven’t found the right one yet

If you look a little harder, you might find that there’s a more unusual activity out there that might be just the thing to keep you fit while having fun at the same time. We chatted to some trailblazing women who’ve found their niche in some truly unusual activities… Val Nicosia She’s known as ‘Valdemort’… Read More »

What's it like leaving the house when you have cystic acne? – Metro.co.uk

Grace Nesbitt, 23, has cystic acne (Picture: Barcroft Images) Since she was a teenager, Grace Nesbitt, from Philadelphia, U.S, has had cystic acne – the most severe form of acne which causes red, tender bumps under the skin which can be extremely painful and difficult to heal. The 23-year-old, who works as a stylist, has… Read More »

This 90-year-old climbs mountains like it’s nothing

This 90-year-old is still at his peak. Enzo Appiano first scaled the “frightening” Alps surrounding his native Turin, Italy, in 1948 — and he has no intention of stopping until the day he dies. “The mountain is the main purpose of my life,” the plaid-clad nonagenarian tells The Post. Perhaps that’s why he’s inspiring a… Read More »