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Cleveland Clinic picks top 10 medical innovations for 2020

Cleveland Clinic eyes top medical innovations for the new year A variety of innovations are expected to emerge in 2020 that will enhance healing and change healthcare, according to a distinguished panel of doctors and researchers from the Cleveland Clinic. Earlier this month, the organization announced its Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2020 at its… Read More »

The dangerous medical liaison

She placed the stack neatly aside with all forms diligently signed and dated. The inbox was cleared. Being finally rested, her tasks of staying on top of duties and focusing on executions became briefly easier. A few patient callbacks, an eight-page disability form to fill out, a doctor to connect with, seven notes to complete… Read More »

Link found between chronic headache and back pain – Medical News Today

A review of 14 studies found that people with persistent headache or back pain were twice as likely to experience the other disorder as well. New research finds a strong association between headaches and lower back pain. Chronic headaches and persistent back pain are both debilitating conditions. New findings suggest a link between the two,… Read More »

Medical News Today: The power of electromagnetic energy on breast cancer cells

Cancer’s ability to spread throughout the body can turn a curable case into an aggressive and sometimes fatal one. A team of engineers and cancer biologists may have found a way to slow down, and even stop, the migration of breast cancer cells. Electromagnetic fields may stop breast cancer cells from dividing and spreading. Cancer,… Read More »

FDA Ends Months-Long FOIA Battle Over Medical Device Failures, Says Putting Database Online ‘Satisfies’ KHN Request

The Food and Drug Administration responded Wednesday to a Freedom of Information Act request filed months ago, noting that the information sought by Kaiser Health News “is now posted online.” KHN had filed a series of FOIA requests, beginning in September 2018, seeking hidden reports of malfunctions or injuries tied to scores of medical devices.… Read More »