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New threat intelligence platform is tailored for clinical and C-suite leaders

Healthcare security firm Clinical Cyber Defense Systems announced the launch of DynamikAnalytix, a security analytics platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry. The platform detects vulnerabilities across a hospital’s digital ecosystem, taking security data generated by a hospital’s IT systems and translating and visualizing it as clinical and business risk metrics. Developed so that hospital… Read More »

Unsecure laptops still a major security threat for healthcare

Laptops are still one of the components that pose the greatest risk for a cyber intrusion for healthcare systems, according to a report from the Clearwater CyberIntelligence Institute. The institute found endpoint data loss, excessive user permissions, and dormant accounts make up 70 percent of all high and critical risk scenarios for laptop vulnerabilities at… Read More »

A Growing Health Threat – Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria ESBL

The antibiotic-resistant bacteria Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase (ESBL) is killing people. Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs) are actually enzymes produced by certain types of bacteria. The enzymes act as an immunological defense that makes the bacteria resistant to the very antibiotics commonly used to treat them. ESBL is joining the widely-spread MRSA and other resistant bacteria in… Read More »