AMD-ATI Graphic Core RV870 in Radeon HD 5800 and Mushkin Graphic Cards

By | August 15, 2015

Company AMD/ATI has presented in conference Computex new graphic core with the trade mark RV870, which is compatible with the forthcoming Microsoft DirectX11.

Graphic core RV870 will be built into the graphic cards Radeon HD 5800 which will bring gaming experiences to the new level with new shadowing Shader Model 5.0 and a rich array of new graphical effects.

While the graphics card AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5800 are aimed at less demanding gamers (medium price range), while the competition company Nvidia DirectX 11 will provide graphic cards at higher price range.

It will be based on the graphic core GT300 which consumes astronomical 225 watts of electricity which is for 40 watts more than the core of the graphical “beast” GeForce GTX285. Graphic core will be made with 40-nano-meter technology and will work at frequencies up to 700 Mhz. For storage and fast calculations company has built in GDDR5 graphic memory.

First graphic cards which will be based on core GT300 will come to the stores in the late autumn.

If you are using your personal computer mainly for playing computer games and if the high price is not an obstacle for you than read this on. Company called Mushkin offered their new graphic card.

This computer giant will expand their offer from system memory and power suppliers with graphic cards in higher price range based on the performance of Nvidia graphic processors.

Computer gamers will be able to choose among graphic card ultimate FX GeForce GTX 285 with two GB of graphic memory and Geforce GTX 260 with normal and doubled amount of memory.Mushkin will offer for sale a total of nine different models of video cards, two models from Geforce GTX285, three models from Geforce GTX275 and four models from GeForce GTX260.

All graphic cards will be packaged in various wooden boxes. All who love AMD / ATI graphic cards will love new solutions from Mushkin.

Radeon HD5800 RV870
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