Lorazepam Addiction and Rehabilitation

By | November 11, 2015

Often prescribed for extreme anxiety and insomnia, Lorazepam is not normally used to treat long-term conditions, but there are those who continue taking it anyway and become addicted. This drug interrupts the neurons in the brain that release dopamine, forcing them to expel more than the brain normally would, and gives the user a powerful feeling of euphoria. Naturally, this makes the user want more of it.

Long term side effects can include skin disorders and kidney damage, depression, agitation, and anger. In extreme cases, some people have suicidal thoughts and even develop mental health problems, such as psychosis and personality disorders. Withdrawals can cause irritability, hostility, and violence, so medically assisted detox is strongly recommended.

Lorazepam Addiction and Rehabilitation:

Lorazepam Addiction and Rehabilitation

Detox to Rehab:

Detox To Rehab

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