Lorazepam withdrawal, on the road to recovery (withdrawal part 2)

By | November 11, 2015

Lorazepam withdrawal, on the road to recovery (withdrawal part 2)

Still having the same withdrawal symptoms
So, I’ve been on 0.36 ativan for *12 days* now, tapering to 0.24mg tomorrow, with both hope and some doubt in my heart. What really helps me in this withdrawal is listening to some music that both relaxes and calms my nerves and stimulates me to fight on, to get better.

I believe that if I taper off too slow, that I will be stuck with habituation, which should be, in my honest opinion, avoided at all costs. Because if you’re stuck there, you tend to want to build the med up again, which I don’t want.

In case you guys didn’t know, I also have Lyme’s disease. Well, I’m not really sure, yet my chronic fatigue syndrome specialist told me that he’s 80% sure that I have it, I also have a co-infection, bartonella (not the henselae strain, but an ‘animal’ strain of the bactery.) This is one of the main reasons I started on the Ativan.

The bad and unfortunate side that this Ativan drug seems to have is that it only stays in the body for about 6 hours. So, let’s say that I take my 0.24mg ativan in about 10 am in the morning, I will have it’s effects up to about 17 pm which is a bummer, but whatever, I get through the day, and that’s all what matters.

Leave your comments in the section below if you want guys, I appreciate it.

The benzo withdrawal group

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