Rocko’s Son, Adam Larson Murdered by a “Judge” & Psychiatrist

By | November 27, 2015

Rocko's Son, Adam Larson Murdered by a

Rocko, the co-host of the Bo & Rocko Show, Rocko, had a son Adam Larson, who was murdered by a psychiatrist, and was found on a Hawaii beach, deemed a “suicide” by the same “authority” maintaining the pre determined outcome… Rocko is still in jail on a void order by an attorney in a black dress called Judge Mary Kay Wagner. She’s the same one that had Adam, and Rocko’s other 6 children ripped away from him due to a fraudulant assignment (false allegation) by Carley Deanne Larson that has been attempting to steal Rocko’s house from him, and hence the situation he now finds himself in as he is kidnapped by unlawful authority and held as a political prisoner in jail.
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