Cold Water Extraction (CWE)

By | December 19, 2015

Simple, extraction methods which could save lives, why damage your liver?
This method can be used on most water soluble opiates.
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Codeine Solubility:


Vlog #2 – Bipolar Disorder, Aspergers & Sensory Processing Information [11/27/2013]

My rant on having bipolar disorder, aspergers, sensory processing information disorder & the 22+ different meds that I have tried to treat the disorders / mental illness.

Drugs I been on: Yes, 22 + drugs. Sadly only lithium has some help to treat the mania, too much seriousness leads only to a self destructive, self defeating, agonizing bitching depression. Things that help. Understanding that your autism is because you are an immature adult child, so act like it, because it is the seriousness that will kill you in the end, it is the seriousness that will cause sensory overload issues with light and sound, it is the seriousness that will break you and causes you to explode. Cheers

1. Paxil
2. Remeron
3. Lexapro
4. Zoloft

Second Generation {Atypical] Antipsychotics
5. Seroquel
6. Geodon
7. Abilify
8. Risperdal
9. Invega

Beta Blockers
12. Propanonal

13. Ativan
14. Klonapin
15. Xanax

Sleep Hypnotics
16. Ambien
17. Lunesta

Gaba Analogues
18. Gabapentin

Typical Antipsychotics
19. Compazine

Mood Stabilizers
20. Depakote
21. Lithium

22. Clonadine

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