NYC – Suboxone Therapy for Intravenous Opiate Addiction – Stuart Kloda, MD

By | January 12, 2016

Call Dr. Kloda directly at (646) 713-6578

Concierge addiction treatment for New York City and New Jersey.

Dr. Kloda completed a rigorous two-year Addiction Medicine fellowship at the Addiction Institute of New York, a Columbia University affiliate in Manhattan located at St. Luke’s & Roosevelt hospitals.

His experience includes serving as the medical director for the inpatient drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation unit at Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Kloda cared for many patients with co-occurring psychiatric and medical illnesses.

Dr. Kloda now provides discreet, confidential, one on one treatment in his private offices at Columbus Circle and Wall Street. His hours are flexible, including early morning, evening, and weekend hours. In addition, Dr. Kloda is always available to his patients on his cell phone.

His treatment philosophy is one of flexibility and choice. Dr. Kloda’s approach is that there are different ways to attain recovery and to maintain sobriety. He focuses on doing “what works”, and on customizing treatment to each individual patient’s unique needs and circumstances.

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