Information On The Different Types Of Anti-Anxiety Medications

By | April 30, 2016

Extreme fear, worry, nervousness and panic are the common symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder. These are types of anxiety disorder that are known to create long term effects to sufferers. For this reason medical experts prescribed anti-anxiety medicines to patients to alleviate the signs and discomforts cause by the condition.

Depending on the intensity of a patient’s anxiety disorder most of these medications are proven very successful. Those who are experiencing a devastating anxiety are encouraged to pursue further therapeutic approaches that will help deal with other signs such as rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness and panic attacks. Most of these medications are utilized with a combination of therapy to become more beneficial.

ce anxiety disorder in a patient has many causes, every person might be given different kinds of medication. The most common short-term relief for anxiety is benzodiazepines. There are varieties of drugs that fall under this class which include diazepam, lorazepam and clonazepam. Taking these medications must be provided with caution as these are highly addictive and will develop dependency if misused. Many sufferers who have experienced lorazepam or ativan abuse have suffered from its side effects.

Some of the medicine works effectively for a short period of time. However, in many cases patients can easily develop tolerance to the drugs and suffer from benzo abuse especially when they start to make attempts of self medication. All types of benzodiazepines drugs need proper supervision and monitoring when used. Patients must not quit taking the medicine or use it more than what the doctor has prescribed. It is strongly recommended never to use any of these drugs with alcoholic drinks.

There are also other anti-anxiety drugs that contain less addictive properties such as buspirone and beta-blockers. Since these medications do not have strong components some may find them less efficient and actually think that they only make the problem worse. Anti depressants that include fluvoxamine, fluxetine, paxil and setraline are usually given by doctors for sufferers with generalized or social anxiety disorder.

Anti-anxiety medications will help professionals recognize the different elements affecting a sufferer with extreme worry and depression. In most cases anti depressants which fall under selective serotin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI that are prescribed to a patient with undiagnosed bipolar condition might increase the symptoms of anxiety.

If using any of the anti-anxiety medication generates negative effects, patients are required to inform their doctors immediately. It is also not recommended to take other medicines while using these medications unless prescribed by doctors.

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