A Sleep Disorder That Afflict The Legs – Restless Sleep Syndrome

By | May 5, 2016

Restless leg syndrome, called RLS, is a sleep disorder that afflicts greater than 15 percent of adults.

It is affecting more women than men and the occurrence of restless leg malady increases with age. Certain medical ailments, such as diabetes, arthritis and varicose veins, also increase the risk of developing restless leg syndrome. This sleep disorder is indicated by an unmanageable urge to move the lower legs, knees and oftentimes the arms. Occasionally painful sensations accompany the impulse to go. Those who suffer from this sleep disorder describe the feelings and sensations in various ways. Many describe a tingling, itching or pulling sensation. Still others say it feels prickly or burns. Some feel as if they have worms crawling under their skin.

The sensations which are typical of this sleep disorder can occur anytime in the daytime or night. Restless leg syndrome occurring at night has a harmful result on sleep. The symptoms and signs will cause the sufferer for getting in and out of bed repeatedly which can delay or affect sleep. Since sleep in continuously interrupted, extreme daytime sleepiness is typical.

The combination of always thinking tired and the symptoms them can cause any person with restless leg issue to change their lifestyle. Long trips, movies, concerts and eating in restaurants are a few of these activities they usually avoid. Attending a lengthy meeting at work becomes very painful and uncomfortable. Moat people that have this sleep disorder often are afflicted by depression.

Researchers feel that restless leg malady may be a result of malfunctions of the pathways on the brain that manages movement reflexes and sensations. Generally this sleep disorder has a genetic base.

Restless leg syndrome cannot be diagnosed by a single test. Sometimes standard neurological examinations show no signs of an problem. In so many cases, a doctor helps to make the diagnosing restless leg syndrome depending on the description of the your symptoms. And also take into account family history, and the results of a routine medical examination and blood tests.

Often times the treatment for restless leg problem is created for managing the debilitating feelings that accompany this sleep disorder. Sometimes iron supplements are prescribed because severe anemia has been related to this problem. Relaxation techniques, diet changes and elimination of caffeine and alcohol can help some sufferers of restless leg syndrome.er

Normally, this sleep disorder is helped by drugs. These drugs could include dopamine agents, benzodiazepines, opioids or anticonvulsants. Medications do not cure restless leg syndrome, but they also deal with the symptoms. People that are afflicted by this sleep disorder usually have to stay on their medications throughout their lives.

One other sleep disorder the same as restless leg malady is periodic limb movement disorder called PLMD. There’s two main main dissimilarities between restless leg issue and periodic limb movements disorder. Restless leg issue occurs when the sufferer is awake or asleep; periodic limb movement disorder only happens when the sufferer is asleep. Restless leg problem movements are voluntary responses to very uncomfortable sensations; the movements of periodic limb movement disorder are involuntary and are not consciously controlled. Both of these sleep disorders could be normally handled with medical treatment.

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