All About Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

By | May 6, 2016

Where does anxiety come from, and how can you control it? If you suffer from anxiety, you will find several tips below to help you live a more productive and happy life.

Anxiety attacks can happen to anyone. If you are under a great deal of stress for any reason, you may easily suffer from an attack. Oftentimes, people who are experiencing difficulty with family or friend relationships — such as problems with marriage or parents — suffer from anxiety. Some people suffer from anxiety that is caused by problems or unhappiness with a job, a boss, or a co-worker. Some people stress about health or money issues. No matter what the problem stems from, one thing is for certain: anxiety can be extremely difficult to deal with.

What happens when you have an anxiety attack?
When you have an anxiety attack, you may experience a shortness of breath. You may begin to sweat. You may feel numb, or you may have a sense of extreme panic. You may develop a rapid heart rate and find that you can’t breathe well. If you have an anxiety attack, it is important to get it under control. You can do so by practicing breathing exercises or taking medications. Let’s look at some other steps that you can take to get your anxiety under wraps.

How do you live a normal life and get your anxiety attacks under control?
You should be aware of a several things if you want to live a normal life and deal properly with your anxiety. In the first place, if your anxiety is severe enough, you can take a prescription anti-anxiety medication to help you. Anti-anxiety medication is prescribed by a qualified mental health professional such as a psychologist or even a family doctor who knows your medical history very well. Some anti-anxiety medications that may be prescribed include Valium, Xanax, and Ativan. It is of utmost importance that your doctor or mental health professional monitor your usage of these drugs. This is due to the fact that they can be very addicting or cause a large variety of side effects, based on your body’s chemistry. Your doctor or mental health professional will make sure that you are administering your medication correctly and are getting benefits from it.

Oftentimes, just having a person to talk to can help you deal with your anxiety. Talking to others can help to take your mind off of your anxiousness. It can also help you to bond with others and make connections that will help you through any panic attacks you may have in the future. Laughing, joking, and just talking to family and friends can make a world of difference when it comes to controlling panic attacks. Being around positive people promotes a sense of well-being and happiness.

Exercise is one other thing that you can do to improve your mental state. Exercise helps to increase the seratonin levels in your brain’s chemistry. These seratonin levels enhance a sense of well-being. Finding an exercise routine and sticking to it will enable you to better your day-to-day anxiety levels. It will also help you to feel better about yourself and your body in general.

So, if you suffer from any for of anxiety, follow some of these tips and life will seem mush easier and happier!

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