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By | May 7, 2016

Have you ever had a colleague who was full of confidence in everything he did? He was flawless in his presentations, tackled all his tasks with gusto and was at ease in everything that came in his way.

You on the other hand, are the exact opposite. You dread doing the presentations during meetings and shake in trepidation whenever you’re assigned a new task because unlike the rest of your colleagues, you experience shortness of breath and get easily exhausted.

Well, don’t worry. Research has shown that one in 75 people worldwide experience these exact same feelings whenever they embark on something. It’s called a panic attack. Panic attack sufferers typically experience feelings of being smothered, choking for air, dizziness, nausea and extreme tingling. These sensations usually occur prior to doing something simple such as planning for a holiday, giving a speech or even leaving home.

Panic attacks may not seem life threatening but if the state of anxiety becomes excessive and you have an irrational dread of everyday situations, then it has become a disabling disorder. If left untreated, panic attack sufferers may develop feelings of depression. This usually results in a general deterioration of mind and body. Further along the downward spiral, lurk the very real possibility of drug and alcohol addiction. We think we are coping when we make ourselves intoxicated but in fact we are deteriorating our mind and body. It may go on a downward spiral beyond that. Panic attack sufferers often resort to drugs such as Diazepam and Lorazepam but the body can easily build a tolerance to the drug, thus rendering it ineffective in the long run.

How then should anxiety sufferers cope and at the same time improve their management of panic attacks? As mentioned before, sufferers tend to take the easiest route, and that is, the containment of the disorder through drugs. But more and more people are taking up alternative routes to ridding themselves of this problem.

Ever tried breathing techniques and positive affirmations and still found that it didn’t help? Sigmund Freud discovered that we develop anxiety through classical conditioning and traumatic experiences. Maybe more must be done to break from this seemingly psychological condition. An advanced cognitive technique that draws from traditional psychology practices has emerged recently, promising to be a better method of controlling panic attacks. A study in 1987 found that 87% of anxiety sufferers were free of panic when applying this form of therapy.

Another revolutionary technique, called the ‘One Move Technique’ has been garnering rave reviews within the industry. Its creator, Joe Barry, was one of the many sufferers of panic attacks until he discovered the perfect way to control it. His remedy has been claimed to be a revolutionary approach in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Furthermore, his technique is drug free and offers a holistic approach to well-being. Over 26,000 people have now subscribed to his anxiety-elimination technique and have been able to live their lives free from the condition which controlled and crippled their lives. Sufferers have reported that through the use of Joe Barry’s techniques, they now have great success in overcoming the unmanageable stress that had been plaguing them all their lives.

Estevan Mark was a sufferer frequent panic attacks,which crippled his social life.One day,he discovered the One Move Technique .Today,he’s a much sought-after conference speaker in business circuits..

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