Anti-Anxiety Drugs And Their Side-Effects

By | May 10, 2016

The most prescribed anti-anxiety drugs in the world are known as anxiolytics or minor tranquilizers. It doesn’t mean they are completely safe though: it means many health professionals are reckless and stuff their patients with medicines of questionable effectiveness, as a way to make their own work easier.
A lot of people are having misconception about these prescription drugs, they think that these drugs are the perfect solution in minimizing symptoms of anxiety. Along with these anti-anxiety drugs are the side effects and dont ever believe that it can give you the exact solution that you need. Extra care should be taken before taking these kinds of drugs.
We are not trying to say that these drugs are evil or that they are not beneficial at all in treating anxiety disorders. They may be useful in specific stages of recovery, but only as part of a comprehensive treatment program. We should always remember that these anti-anxiety drugs can have different side effects to every individual.
Prescription medicines seem to work better on patients who, despite having problems with anxiousness, haven’t yet developed an anxiety disorder. In a person who’s just living through a life phase of extreme anxiety, prescription drugs may help curb certain symptoms for long enough to solve the underlying problem. But if a person has already developed anxiety disorder, prescription drugs absolutely dont provide permanent solution but rather it only increases the possibility of the patient to become addicted to it.

After taking prescription drugs for just a couple of months, most patients have an extremely high probability of becoming addicted to the medication. As such, using medications to manage anxiety disorders is just a way to add up problems, rather than fixing them. Anxiety disorders develop across the years, and they cannot be promptly dismissed using any type of drug.
If your therapist has pushed you into taking medications to help manage your anxiety, you should at least be entitled to know the role of the medication in your treatment. However, if you find your therapist reluctant to give you the answer to your questions then it is high time that you look for another mental health professional.
Dont be too trusting with your health professional with regard to taking these prescription drugs or else you will only realize later that you have already put your health at risk. These drugs can lead you to addiction, not to mention its other side effects that are worse than you think; but these drugs are still being prescribed not because they have been proven effective but because they provide fast relief to the patient and thus, making the doctor’s task easier .
If you think that these prescription drugs are successful in curbing your symptoms of anxiety, dont rely on it solely but make sure that it is just part of your many ways of treating your anxiety. Make sure you understand the benefits and risks of the drug you’re taking, as well as its role in your treatment. If you are lucky enough to consult a competent doctor, he will surely tell you everything that you need to know about these prescription drugs even before you ask him about it.Bear in mind that anxiety is manageable and anti-anxiety drugs is not your only solution. You can choose other remedies that are just as easily available such as psychotherapy, meditation and Yoga. These form of remedies may not give you faster solution but rest assured that they are safe and can be used for a longer period of time in treating your anxiety disorder. Taking prescription drugs are only advisable when patients need to deal with emergency situations but these must not be used each time the patient has an episode of anxiety attack .

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