Plants and Herbs

By | June 14, 2016

-Dramatically increase alpha brainwaves

-Relax the nervous system

-Focus the mind and increase attention

-Significantly reduce anxiety

-Eliminate and even reverse the effects of stress


These 12 herbs and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals have been scientifically proven to create all of these effects, and more. Try them for y
Plants and Herbs

1) ALFALFA – Alfalfa leaf, whose latin name is Medicago Sativa, has a long history of dietary and medical uses in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Alfalfa is high in protein, as well as many other nutrients and trace minerals. It has been proven beneficial for fatigue and muscle tenderness, and also for pituitary gland function, a gland often activated during meditation.

2) ASHWAGANDA – Ashwaganda, otherwise known as Indian Ginseng, has been used for centuries for anxiety, cognitive and neurological disorders and inflammation. Ashwaganda is also used therapeutically for patients with nervous exhaustion, and debility due to stress. It is also used as an immune stimulant as it has been shown to prevent brain cell degeneration from chronic stress. In a study published in the medical journal “Phytomedicine,” Ashwagandha was shown to be as effective as the commonly prescribed anti-anxiety drug lorazepam (Ativan®) and the antidepressant drug imipramine (Tofranil®).

3) CAMELLIA SINENSIS – Camellia Sinensis, or Green Tea, contains the amino acid L-Theanine which has been shown to relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without causing drowsiness. Thus it helps maintain mental clarity and focus. It has been demonstrated in many studies to promote the generation of alpha-brain waves. In a study by Yokogoshi H, Kobayashi M, Mochizuki M and Terashima T as well as others, L-Theanine was shown to exert a great deal of influence on the synthesis of GABA, which in turn influences the release of two other neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, which makes L-Theanine a significant factor in improving mood, memory and learning ability.

4) GOTU KOLA – Gotu Kola has been called “the fountain of life” because it has been known to extend the life span of an ancient Chinese herbalist who used Gotu Kola and lived for more than 200 years. The herb contains three active ingredients: asiatic acid, asiaticoside, and madecassic acid which have been shown to promote anti-anxiety effects, decreased time in wound healing and increased mental functioning.

5) YUAN ZHI – Yuan Zhi is used to treat depression, mood swings, anxiety and insomnia. It is also reputed to help people with addictions to quit smoking, drug use, or drinking. Many studies have proven it’s anti-depression properties and one ingredient in Yuan Zhi has been shown to improve cognition and hippocampus-dependent learning and memory. Its extract form contains saponins which are responsible for a tranquilizing effect on the body.

6) DA ZAO – Da Zao is known in Chinese medicine to strengthen Qi, slow down the aging process and calm the mind from insomnia and restlessness. It is used as a mild sedative to prevent and reduce stress ulcers. It is commonly used in signs of fatigue, hypertension, physical exhaustion and malnutrition.

Naturally-Occurring Vitamins and Minerals

7) MAGNESIUM – Magnesium is occasionally referred to as a “smoothie” mineral because of its ability to relax the muscles. Magnesium also influences the nerves to avoid over-excitation and supports a healthy immune system. A study by Breslau, N.; Davis, G. C. showed a deficiency in this nutrient causes serotonin-deficiency, and other studies have found that magnesium is essential for people who suffer from chronic stress and chronic fatigue syndrome.

8) B1 – B1, or Thiamine, is known as an “anti-stress” vitamin because of its role in strengthening the immune system and boosting the body’s ability to resist stressful conditions. In a study by Easton and Bauer, B1 was found to significantly increase memory capabilities against a placebo.

9) B3 – B3, or Niacin has been shown to promote optimum functioning of the brain and cognition, normal functioning of the central nervous system, enhance memory and support normal mood and psychological function. In a study by Mohler H, Polc P, Cumin R, et al., niacin was found to produce an anti-anxiety effect by stimulating GABA receptors.

10) B5 – B5, or Pantothenic Acid is also known as the “anti-stress” vitamin because it helps the adrenal glands to produce anti-stress hormones. Vitamin B5 was discovered by Dr. Roger J. Williams whose studies, along with others, have found that B5 can improve endurance and strength for athletes. Symptoms of low levels of B5 include low energy levels, which lead to irritability, apathy, and fatigue.

11) B9 – B9, or Folic Acid, supports adrenal function, promotes a calm demeanor and maintains a healthy nervous system. It also helps in regulating mood and sleeping patterns, as it is an essential nutrient to fight depression. It has also been shown to increase the rate of cognition.

12) B12 – B12, or Cyanocobalamine, maintains healthy function of the brain and nervous system by its effects on the synthesis of Sam-E, and its ability to increase oxygenation of the blood. B12 has also been shown to promote a positive mood, increase the quality of sleep and add memory capacity.

Kath Hemmings was tired of the dogma and corruption of her religious leaders and consequently spent many years cultivating knowledge of plant medicine in order to seek an alternative means to the benefits she felt from meditation and prayer. She formed Conscious Products, a company designed to educate people on how to work with the plant world in order to attain well-being and deep feelings of ease. Her company has just released a new, cutting-edge nutritional supplement, MediTate, that combines many of the remarkable ingredients above to replicate the beneficial effects of meditation via a natural means. Check out her website at MediTatefor more information.

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