If You Can’t Relax, Look Beyond The Anti Anxiety Meds

By | June 23, 2016

People who are depressed and anxious and can’t relax are usually told to do some exercise. Exercise is a great way to treat depression but may not work so well with some anxiety disorders. The research done by the National Institute on Aging and the Penn State Social Research Institute shows that anxious people are more in need of down time when they can switch off and need to relax completely.

Anxiety can take many forms. There is a whole range of conditions which can be included under the anxiety umbrella. For example, some people have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) others are suffering from trauma after a terrible experience which is known as PTSD (post trauma stress disorder) while others suffer from panic attacks. As we can see the symptoms will vary enormously according to the condition and it is difficult to make general recommendations.

The problem with anti anxiety medications such as Lorazepam , Xanax and Klonopin is that their side effects are troublesome and they tend to calm one down so that is one problem solved. Some of the side effects can range from an increase in depression , breathing difficulties, insomnia, feelings of rage, hallucinations and certain allergic symptoms such as a rash and so on.

But people who can’t relax have other options open to them , apart from going down the medication path which may or may not help them. Sometimes symptoms are just masked and the side effects tend to interfere with daily activities.

So, if we can’t relax, what are the options? One of the best and safest options is to opt for a herbal remedy which will reduce anxiety symptoms and help you to get back on track. One of the most popular ones is Kava which is quite safe and there seen to be no side effects if you take it for no longer than six months. There were some reports of liver damage but the fact that the FDA did not ban it means that it is as safe, if not safer, than many other medications on the market today.

Another herb which is popular is L- theanine which is the principal amino acid which is normally found in green tea. Its capacity to directly increase the alpha brain waves means that it helps to create a state of relaxation while still maintaining mental alertness. This is why it is so popular as there is no worry at all that it can lead to lethargy or unwanted drowsiness. So, if you can’t relax, look at all the other options and also find out how a herbal remedy can work wonders for anxiety.

If you can’t relax, why wait any longer? Find out how I learned about ways to calm my nerves. Robert Winterson has written on stress and anxiety disorders for many years.

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