Sleep Disorder are on the Rise

By | June 24, 2016

The United States is seeing a huge rise in sleep disorders. Sixty to Eighty million people are estimated to be coping with sleep disorders. This is significant chunk of the population and the numbers are still on the rise. This is in part because of the lifestyles that people live today. Obesity is certainly one reason for the increase in sleeping problems. Some sleep problems are simply a result of genetics while others are a byproduct of work schedules.

There many different types of sleep disorders. Some aren’t much of a concern while others might be life-threatening. No matter your age, you could be at risk. Children and elderly alike are vulnerable to many of the sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders affect us all, even those that don’t have them. This is because problems with sleep lead to tiredness and slow a person’s reaction time and mental clarity. This combination is a recipe for disaster. One area where this is commonly seen is with traffic accidents. Twenty-five percent of traffic accidents can be attributed to drowsiness. The damage and medical costs from these accidents along with the cost for treatment of sleep disorders costs Americans’ billions of dollars each year. The effective treatment of sleep disorders would save many from suffering and save us all a lot of money.

Not only do sleep disorders cause a person to feel unrested and tired, but they also cause many physical problems. Things like chronic headaches, stomaches, and joint aching are often the result of sleep-related illnesses. Additionally, people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or emotional problems might be suffering from a sleep disorder.

For many, the thought of a sleep disorder causing their problems never even crossed their mind. Doctors, too, often misdiagnose conditions that are really a result of sleep problems. Luckily this trend is starting to change.

However, today the medical community is realizing the importance of sleep. The public is finally beginning to accept the importance of sleep as well. Sleep problems are starting to be better understood and identified. There are many medications and behavior modification techniques available to treat nearly every sleep disorder out there. Many people find relief after visiting a sleep clinic. These facilities are great for identifying even the most hard to pin down sleep problems. A patient is required to stay over night at the clinic and their muscle movements and brainwaves are recorded and analyzed to identify their particular sleep problem.

Today sleep is more important than every before. Without a full nights sleep it is very difficult to function properly. Luckily sleep disorders can be diagnosed and treated. No matter your sleep disorder, relief can be found in one form or another. Just visit your doctor or consider visiting a sleep clinic.

You can find plenty of information about sleep problems online. For more information take a look at this site on sleep disorders.

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