Can Sleep Disorder Affect Your Mental Health?

By | July 12, 2016

What are the common sleep disorders?

Work at night – your biological clock gets disturbed if you remain awake at night due to work. In case you have sleep disorders you cannot breathe properly thereby causing the oxygen levels in your blood to drop.

Medications – some medicines like antidepressants can cause sleep disorders. According to one estimate approximately 55% of people have sleep disorders in one form or the other. Your mental health is not a good shape.

What are the causes of sleep disorder?

Sleep disorders can happen due number of causes. These sensations can be aches, burning, or sometimes you feel as if bugs are crawling over your legs. Lifestyle changes, breathing devices and/or surgery are the other forms treatments for sleep disorders. Restless legs syndrome – in this disorder you feel some sensations in your legs. Sleeplessness can become the cause for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and a number of other serious health complications including hypertension, diabetes etc.

There are people who even after trying hard do not get sufficient and good sleep.

Insomnia – insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders that does not allow you to have a good amount of sleep, your body and mind do not feel rested.

There are following risks of sleep disorders

If you do not have proper sleep at night you cannot remain in a proper state of mental health. For severe sleep disorders you may need even surgery to widen your breathing passage.

Sleep paralysis – if you have sleep paralysis you are not able to move while changing over yourself from sleep phase to the wakefulness phase. As a result your personal life and work become the causality. You may feel sleepy but you cannot sleep because of your work. This affects your physical as well as your mental health.

What are the dangers of sleep disorders?

Most importantly a change in your lifestyle can help you overcome sleep disorders to a large extent and keep your mental health in good form. Sleep disorder is a condition when you find it extremely difficult to fall asleep or when your rhythm of sleep or getting up early in the morning is disturbed.

Parasominias – in this sleep disorder you may exhibit symptoms of being both asleep and awake at the same time. The death rate of the people having sleep disorders is higher than those of having adequate good quality of sleep. What are the symptoms of sleep disorders?

They include: Stress – stress is one of the most common causes of sleep disorders. This causes digestive, emotional and mental health problems. If you have sleep apnea (sudden cessation of respiration while in sleep) you suddenly stop breathing for a while.

If you suffer from sleep disorders you are most likely to meet an accident while driving. As a result of this medical disorder your mental health also suffers. Breathing devices and mouthpieces (oral appliances) can treat cases of mild or moderate sleep disorders only.

Diet – junk food, caffeine, alcohol are some of the other causes of sleep disorders. Morning headaches, irritation, depression, learning or memory problems, feeling sleepy all the time during the day are some of the other symptoms of sleep disorders. When your body does not get adequate good quality sleep you may be suffering from a medical disorder known as sleep disorder. Treatment of sleep disorders there are no medications to treat the sleep disorders.

There are many types of sleep disorders, some of the most common are:

Snoring and sleep apnea – snoring may not seem to cause any direct danger to your health but because of snoring you cannot keep your throat open while sleeping. Illness – there are some illnesses like headache, backaches etc. Many psychological and physiological conditions are responsible for disruption in sleep. Loud and chronic snoring is one of the most common causes of sleep disorders.

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