What Causes Anxiety Attacks?

By | July 18, 2016

The discomfort and fear associated with panic attacks gave them the right of a bad name. Few people actually know what causes panic attacks and this ignorance even live in constant fear of suffering from such attacks, in turn, makes them more vulnerable to severe anxiety. Before turning to see what triggers anxiety attacks, so we’ll try to understand what an anxiety attack and what happens when a person suffers.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety, often referred to as “panic attacks” in medical terminology are episodes of intense panic or fear, which occurs without any warning. On an average stretch of these episodes of panic a few seconds to about half an hour, with symptoms of anxiety peaked in the space of 10 minutes or more. The distress of the person exposed to the short period of time may prove to be a frightening and unpleasant. A person suffering from anxiety attacks are likely to feel as if he suffers a heart attack or a nervous breakdown. Some of the most common symptoms include anxiety attack increased heart rate, sweating, numbness, weakness in the knees, fear of dying, etc.

What causes anxiety?

It ‘s very difficult to determine the exact causes of anxiety attacks, because they are often different from the person. Person likely to suffer from anxiety attacks when he does not know how to react to a given situation, as has been stuck in an elevator when the movement on stage, etc. In fact, fear is a major causative factor when it comes to anxiety attacks in children. Similarly, a person is more likely to panic when an important event such as losing a job or get divorced, change the course of life. major events like the death of a family or large financial losses, can also act as triggers such attacks. anxiety attacks are also common in people suffering from mental disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Other than the psychological reasons mentioned above and some physical factors also act as an anxiety attack triggers. Antidepressants and other prescription drugs that can disrupt the normal functioning of the brain can also trigger panic attacks in some people. Sometimes, anxiety attacks episodes observed as a symptom of withdrawal from addiction. This is not entirely surprising, since people are so involved in their addiction that they just cannot imagine life without these drugs. There are also certain medical conditions, such as catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT) and long QT syndrome, which can cause anxiety in individuals. anxiety attack like during sleep due to conditions such as hyperthyroidism and vitamin B. While some sleep disorders like sleep apnea and Nocturnes vapor can trigger anxiety attacks at night.

In fact, anxiety is regarded as a symptom of this disease, and that a person experiences an anxiety attack must also be diagnosed with these disorders. Some people are more vulnerable to panic attacks from others and tend to panic about the events of very low life. It is very difficult to determine the causes of panic attacks in these individuals. Despite the panic attack is considered a hereditary problem, people with no family history of anxiety disorders may also suffer the same thing.

What to do during an anxiety attack?

As mentioned earlier, the anxiety attacks come on suddenly and so you have plenty of time to react. controlled breathing and distraction may facilitate the situation, allowing time to seek help by calling the emergency services. If you are prone to anxiety attacks, you can bring a paper bag with you. Breathe into this paper bag is one of the most effective method of short-term treatment to relieve anxiety. On the other hand, if you’re wondering how to stop the anxiety attacks at the same time, the answer is using a variety of psychological therapies and medications. In fact, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is considered the best treatment of various anxiety.

It was a brief information about what causes anxiety attacks, which belong to several factors that tend to provoke such an attack. Taking into account the seriousness of this problem, it is obvious that knows how to deal with anxiety attacks can be a blessing in itself.

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