Sleep Disorders Hurting Police Force

By | July 19, 2016

For the most part police are considered to be egotistical dimwits that like to throw their weight around. This could simply be because they have a mental disorder.

Sleep disorders are very common in the police force. Just go watch any flick at the cinema about a cop. He either has amnesia or he is a semi-narcotic drunkard.

Perhaps if it is an independent film he will have some weird, unusual mental disorder, but the fact is they always have mental disorders in those movies. But if the stereotypical media doesn’t prove anything to you then you can take the research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital as proof.

According to their research 40 percent of all police officers screened positive for a sleep disorder. There are usually a few different things that cause sleep disorders.

Irregular sleeping hours can be a huge factor. So if you are anything like a cop and for some reason find yourself driving around looking for drunken hooligans at three in the morning you are at risk of developing a sleep disorder.

Right now you are probably pointing out the inconsistency between references to sleep disorders and mental disorders. The police officers were not screened for mental disorders so what is the correlation here?

Every sleep disorder invariably leads to a mental disorder. Just like Saturday is always going to lead to Sunday.

Some mental disorders are much more severe than others, for example there is schizophrenia and on the other end of the spectrum there is cry depression. In case you don’t know, cry depression is a clinical disorder where patients have a hard time not crying over silly things like spilled milk, literally.

Presumably sleep disorders cause some of the mental disorders on the low end of the severity-spectrum and later lead to the more hardcore ones. When you see a cop you have to take into account that there is a two out of five chance that he is a mental case.

The problem with mental cases is they do not perceive reality through a rational lens like normal people do. You have to be ready to adapt to the officers unpredictable mood.

Try to remain calm and act cool. Nut-jobs are a lot like animals, like the type of animals that can shoot you or right you a ticket, if they get scared they may respond rashly.

Sleep disorders generally only affect ten percent of the population, so most likely you are going to have to be the sane adult when being pulled over by a cop.

Destry Masterson is a health and fitness nut. She writes articles about exercise and sleeping.

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