Pain Due to Sleep Disorder Issues

By | July 20, 2016

It might be due to our modern life style and ageing process. Few people have snoring habit and they may not know who they are disturbing others in a family. There is also lack of sleep with joint pain occurring on jaw area due to injury and bad formation of teeth. There are various causes of sleep snoring which are treatable. The pain in jaw joint is also treatable with and without surgery.

Snoring as an Out Come of Sleeping Disorder It doesn’t mean healthy people never snore, the snoring is related with sleep. No matter how long you sleep, the snoring noise is only known to others and one may feel they are not snoring at all. There are many factors which are resulting in snoring during sleep.

Sleep Apnoea: Is related with improper air flow in the respiratory system. This is the main cause found in many people having some interruption in the throat area. The lack of oxygen in the blood stimulates the brain to weak up spontaneously during sleep. This is also a cause of snoring when the air release is improper through nasal and mouth.

Obesity Related Issue: The extra fat storage near the throat also causes snoring in obese people. Since, they contract the air valve making snoring noise while breathing during sleep.

TMD and TMJ as an Out Come of Sleeping Disorder

The TMD/TMJ is Temporomandibular Disorder and (J) is mean for Joints. This is the Jaw part area on the head. The improper formation of jaws and teeth may cause pain in jaw, which is also a one of the factor affecting a healthy sleep. This is also outcome of snoring during sleep.

Injury on Jaw: Any injury on head or the face area may mostly damage the jaw joints. This may not be getting noticed initially. However, they are big sleeping issues in the later stage. It is always better to get a full scan when ever an injury is happened. Since, the jaw dislocation will cause irresistible pain and disturb sleep. This is also a one of the cause of snoring.

Ageing as Natural Cause: The sleep disorder is commonly noticed after the adulthood stage. Since, this is the pahse where the skeletal growth stops. The jaw joints may come to improper shape due to erosion of bone near the joint and socket near the jaw. This kind of joint pain near jaw will be noticed in the older age. This is one of the natural causes of sleeping disorder. The snoring is also associated in this case.

Improper Jaw and Teeth Formation: There are few habits like holding the jaw thightly giving the pressure most of the time by many people. The grinding away of teeth is also a natural cause of jaw pain. However, they are diagnosed by various non surgical and surgical ways.

Alex Bowmann is the author of this article. For further detail about causes of sleep snoring and pain in jaw joint please visit the website.

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