The drowsy and sluggish life of sleep disorder

By | July 20, 2016

Disorder! The word itself means chaos and anarchy in every form. People run away from this word whenever they hear it. It means that it will bring nothing but trouble for them in case some sort of disorder enters their life. Disorder is also not good for public in general as it can be very wild for them as it has the ability to disrupt everything in its path. Just pay attention to the word itself. DIS-ORDER. It means that is supposed to throw everything out of order whatever is going on in your life.

We don’t like any kind of disruption in our normal life. so when any kind of disorder strikes us, it really blows our brains out and does not allow to sit us for a moment in a peaceful way. So ultimately it not only steals the serenity of your life and fill it with chaos, it also disturbs the forthcoming events of our life as well. So the case is disorder in any form upsets our present and our future also.

The main problem is created when we are struck by some kind of health disorder. It just blows everything out of proportion. This often takes us to the doorsteps of clinics and hospitals which we want to avoid at all cost. The trouble is just at the beginning stage. Then we have to go through a series of medical tests, hospitalizations, at times surgery and many more things. This burdens us in both financial as well as emotional way. The worry of the disease becomes greater than the disease itself and we don’t find a way to ease up the things for us. In the process, our tension and worries escalates to an all time high stressing us and our loved one as well.

Chronic disease such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work disorder often causes such chaos in life and we don’t find a respite from them since they develop the problem of excessive daytime sleepiness in the person affected by these issue and they remain drowsy and sluggish for the entire day. This hampers all their work and does not allow focusing on their assigned task due to the sleepy issue. The problem created by it can be even be life threatening at times as the sufferer can sleep while driving car or while operating heavy machinery.

This chaotic disorder can be taken care of by only one drug and that is the nootropic medicine of Provigil. This medicine promotes wakefulness in the person and keeps him or her awake and alert for the entire day without the trouble of nay drowsiness. Once this medication is taken, the person can forget about any kind of sleepiness and continue doing his work with ease. This drug has to be taken according to the type of sleep issue you are facing as its dosage depends on that. Hence, if you are feeling drowsy and sleepy all the time, you must try provigil for treating it.

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