How To Treat Delayed Sleep Syndrome

By | July 23, 2016

Delayed sleep syndrome is a situation in which the major sleep episode is delayed by two or more hours of the desired bedtime. This results in posing difficulty to a person to wake up on scheduled time in morning. Every person has his/her own internal clock which is mostly described as biological clock. In this situation, it gets disturbed and cannot synchronize the regular sleep on proper standard times.

Though it’s a sleep disorder, people having this syndrome just needs normal sleeping patterns. The only hindrance one has to face is sticking to a proper schedule of sleep, that is, traditional sleeping hours.

Its causes are more internal than external. These are built in problems like variations in rhythms of the body which cause disorder in sleep-wake cycle. This is the same as feeling jet lagged after a long airplane trip, but experienced for a longer duration of time.

Owing to delayed sleep syndrome, people usually get into many troublesome situations. They earn the title of night owls from people around then they keep requesting family members to help them wake up on time which increases dependency on others. It gets very hard for them to focus on their work during morning or daytime.

They become extremely dependent on others to wake them up on time. Sleep disorder can result in other health and social impacts like insomnia, stress, bad temper and feeling disturbed once they go to bed.

Bright light therapy, chronotherapy, and use of melatonin, a sleep inducer, are the procedures heavily used to fix this syndrome. These are implemented for those who are badly affected. It is difficult to determine which method will result in how much success.

For mild cases, people are guided to gradually move back to proper bedtime meant for sleep, avoid short naps, develop sleep rituals like giving their body a message that it’s time to sleep and going to bed every day at same time. Delayed sleep disorder is not a healthy thing at all. It is a disease that should be taken care of.

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