Understanding anxiety and problems that may underlie it

By | July 27, 2016

Anxiety is an emotional disorder, very common among people with chronic disease. The link between anxiety and chronic suffering is twofold: people who have a chronic illness are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder (or to answer to events around by a state of anxiety), and prolonged anxiety can lead to sensitization of body to facilitate the emergence of chronic diseases.
Spectrum of anxiety disorders include: generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress, simple phobias, panic disorder (with or without agoraphobia), social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Anxiety is an exaggerated mobilization of psychic energy and is part of fundamental human emotional reactions, like depression, and suffering. So, anxiety is founded on the feeling of fear; fear is a natural reaction to a real danger, but anxiety is fear of an imaginary danger. Anxiety is defined by specialists as a diffuse fear, without clearly defined objectives.

If fear teaches you to be cautious, anxiety teaches you to be avoidant. Hence the essential idea about the nature of anxiety behaviour, namely, that they are learned, so not innate. Because of this, anxious behaviour responds well to short cognitive-behavioural therapy.

Insomnia and anxiety

According to a Norwegian study, chronic insomnia may indicate the existence of installing anxiety or depression. The study defines chronic insomnia as a subjective feeling that you cannot asleep or cannot sleep most nights for at least one month. Norwegian researchers claim that people who suffer from chronic insomnia should be tested to determine if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

People with chronic insomnia presented the chance to install anxiety or depression. Norwegian researchers who conducted the study say that an improvement in chronic insomnia can help prevent the development of anxiety. However, this is for now only a hypothesis because it has not been tested.

How to identify a person with anxiety?

It is believed that a person is suffering from an anxiety disorder if, in the last six months (at least), was worried, in uncontrollably way, regarding some events or activities, with at least 5 of these symptoms, the most of the time:
* Psychomotor agitation, feelings of tension;
* Fatigue;
* Difficulty in concentrating (until the sensation of mental vacuum);
* Irritability;
* Muscle tension;
* Sleep disturbances (falling asleep, maintaining sleep or waking up).

Anxiety disorders represent an exaggerated emotional response to natural problems of life, and people with chronic illness are more motivate to worry than a person without physical illness. Fear of worsening disease, its complications, rejection and misunderstanding on the part of others, are just some of the concerns that people who suffer from a chronic disease.

So, anxiety is characterized by several symptoms:
* Physical: sleep disturbances, appetite disturbances, agitation, tremors, sweating, and difficulty in breathing, gastrointestinal disorders;
* Emotional: worry, fear, irritability, sadness;
* Cognitive impairment in making decision, impaired memory and / or concentration, selective attention to negative information around;
* Behavioural: difficulty in daily agitation.
As you probably noticed, some of the anxiety symptoms overlap those of depression.

Natural remedies for anxiety with Calivita products

– Stress that pushing us every day and its effects, such as depression and anxiety can be reduced by supplementation with Rhodiolin – a nutritional supplement with adaptogenic effect herbs and zinc.

– Sleep disturbances and interruptions or biological rhythm, due to stress and anxiety, may be reduced or eliminated by supplementation with Melatonin – a hormone that is secreted naturally by the body.

– B vitamins spectrum with extended nutritional from Mega B-Complex composition is helpful in case of stress, depression, anxiety and nervous tension.

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