Sleep Disorder and latest Treatment for OSA

By | July 29, 2016

The word Apnoea, in medical term is used for natural obstruct occur in the throat area where the free air flow in respiratory system is blocked while in sleep. This makes a person uncomfortable in sleeping and produces various snores like sound. This obstruct in breathing may come at least thirty times in an hour. There is latest obstructive sleep apnoea treatment with various clinical tests as surgical and non surgical treatments.

Major Cause of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

The major cause of OSA is still under research. This is a disorder and not a disease. The various clinical test study show that it is varying with men and women. The men are likely to get this disorder after attaining the adulthood stage. In the case of women it is comparatively less and mostly found at the end phase of menopause. This is also due the modern life style. One of the major causes is related to smoking and drinking alcohol. It is commonly seen the diabetics people. It is also found in obese person. The ageing is also a natural cause. However all of these are related with interruption in free air flow in the reparative value. The lack of oxygen in that time make as person wakes up from deep sleep. This cause at many times and disturbs the sleep as unknown cause in the initial stage. When consulted for sleep disorder only the actual reasons are found out with clinical test and throat examination.

Diagnosis for OSA

Non Surgical Treatment: These are mostly therapeutic. Here, a patient is advised to leave all those bad habits like drinking alcohol and smoking. In case of diabetes, they are advised to maintain the blood sugar level to normal by taking medicines and by exercise. The obese person is also advised to reduce the fats by regular exercise. In non surgical treatment initially the nasal spray are in use. This may bring some positive result. The nasal spray is also available in solution type for those who may fell uncomfortable.

Latest CPAP Treatment: The CPAP means continuous positive airway pressure. This is a wearable gadget used by a patient when going for sleep. This is a mask type and provides them sufficient pressure to inflow and out flow of breathing with the help of this CPAP Mask. This has proven result in obese person, who have more interruption in breathing due to fleshy skin and muscles in the throat area.

Surgical Treatment: This is carried out when there are more difficulties are reported by a patient. The surgery is under taken in the area of nose and throat for removal of polypi. Any blockade is also removed after proper scan and test to improve the sleep in a patient. The tonsils removal and the adenoids removal through surgery is also undertaken on patient with an ENT specialist.

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