Attacking Anxiety A Nightmare If You Don’t Know How

By | August 14, 2016

If a person has never had an epsiode of attacking anxiety they can never truly know how debilitating and crippling they can be. These types of attacks can be embarrassing and depressing. A person that has these attacks can feel out of control and terrified. They can be depressed because they are not in control of their mind, body or thoughts. Sometimes there are symptoms that an episode of attacking anxiety is going to occur and sometimes there is not.

Imagine standing in a grocery store and waiting in a line to check out. Your heart beat increases, you begin to sweat and your breathing becomes labored. Your skin begins to prickle and become numb. You can feel an attacking anxiety coming on and you feel helpless to do anything about it. There are all of those people around you and you feel the walls are closing in. You feel as if you may die or feint at any moment. An overwhelming sense of doom casts a shadow over you. An attacking anxiety episode has arrived and you do not feel prepared to handle it. Instead the episode tries to take over you.

You may try to tell yourself to relax and try to think your way through the attacking anxiety. This can actually make your mind concentrate on the anxiety more and increase the severity of the symptoms.

Another way a person may try to get an attacking anxiety under control is to tense your muscles and relax them in order to model for your body and mind how to relax. This may have very little affect on your attacking anxiety. After all, you are alone with strangers in a line. You can not go forward and you are blocked from behind. No one may realize the increasing terror and horror that is brewing and growing inside you as the attacking anxiety seeks to completely take control of your body, mind, and senses.

This experience is not unique. It is estimated that about five percent of the population in the United States suffers from some form of an attacking anxiety. Some people may have frequent daily attacks and some less frequent. One of the things that have shown to help people in the early stages of recovery is education. If they can learn about their attacking anxiety disorder they can manage it better. Joe Barry’s eBook on “Panic Away” has helped thousands of people by giving them the knowledge they need.

One of the ways to control the attacking anxiety episodes is to own them. That means you acknowledge them, and you deal with them as a part of your life rather than running away from them. Your fear of the attacks actually provides fuel for them to occur more frequently and more severe. It is only by owning the attacks rather than trying to control them that you are on the road to recovery. You can regain your life and not live in fear of an attack happening at any time or place. You will gain the confidence in your life.

Panic away begins by describing what these attacking anxiety episodes are. Joe Barry describes what other techniques may not have worked for you and why you never got better. He goes on to describe myths and misinterpretations about attacking anxiety episodes.

It is in chapter three of “Panic Away” where you will find probably the most important information in the book. It contains a technique called “One Move”. The “One Move” gets to the center of your attacking anxiety and helps your understand their course. After you learn more about your personal anxiety you will learn four tools that you help create a buffer between you and your attacking anxiety. You can release anxiety and unease from your life and lessen the threshold for having an attacking anxiety episode.

The next chapter deals with general anxiety and how to use the one Move technique to tackle it. Following this is a helpful chapter about whether to use medication or not when dealing with an attacking anxiety, finally the eBook finishes with a chapter titled “Tapping into Your Hidden Potential.” This goes beyond the anxiety and unlocks your potential for freedom and being the type person you never though possible when dealing with attacking anxiety episodes.

It must be considered too that some people have underlying issues that cannot be treated by Panic Away alone.

Panic Away is not equiped to deal with underlying emotional and mental health problems that are more serious than Panic attacks or Attacking Anxiety and may result in leaving an individual feeling frustrated with having no results. When any other problems are dealt with then Panic Away will provide the final solution with dealing with attacking anxiety and ending it for good.

For instance, a person with underlying emotional and mental health problems might benefit little, or not at all, from Panic Away or any other self-help program. When those pre-existing conditions are resolved, however, Panic Away might well be the final solution to ridding you of panic and anxiety forever.

Ben is most known for his interviews with ex-sufferers where he delves into finding the secrets to their success. For more information on interviews with ex-anxiety sufferers click here and listen to a full interview uncovering successful startegies.

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