Taking Control Of Anxiety Through Positive Anxiety Affirmations

By | August 24, 2016

Every morning when we get out of bed we have to make a choice in how we’re going to deal with things that we encounter during our day. After all, there are things that we can control and, yet, many things that are completely out of our control. When we worry about the things that we cannot control, our anxiety levels can quickly get out of hand.

Making anxiety affirmations a part of our every day life will allow for us to approach life head on, even in those situations where it could be easy to give into the anxiety and allow for it to control us. There are free positive affirmations that you can apply to your life with very little effort to naturally reduce the anxiety that you feel.

Stress and Anxiety CAN Be Healthy. Really!

When it comes to anxiety, we need to remember that a certain amount of stress is actually healthy! When you don’t have any anxiety or stress you probably wouldn’t get anything done because there would be no reason to move forward. Anxiety affirmations can help you look at anxiety as a healthy motivator, because when you are able to keep it in check, you can use it to keep you moving forward, achieving more, accomplishing your goals sooner than you ever thought possible.

Many of us could use free positive affirmations to help us deal with anxiety to get our lives back. When anxiety has the upper hand in your life you can get caught in the vicious cycle of becoming anxious about being anxious. When you learn some very simple anxiety affirmations you can put a stop to this cycle and use the anxiety instead of allowing it to use you.

An example of an anti-anxiety affirmation might be: “I let go of the feeling of being in unknown territory.”

Anxiety is very powerful and so many of us give into the power and let it control us, but when you look at anxiety from a different point of view, you will suddenly see that you can harness this power for yourself and use the anxiety to accomplish things that perhaps you never thought you would.

Anxiety is a normal, healthy part of life but we don’t all know how to deal with it in a healthy manner. Anxiety affirmations can help you understand your anxiety better, which will allow you to bring your anxiety and stress levels down to a normal or healthy level and use it to your advantage. With the help of free positive affirmations you can change your life for the better!

Many people are crippled by anxiety and find that it is impossible to have normal interactions with other people or even to get their work done without worrying excessively about things out of their control. Even in extreme cases such as this, free positive affirmations can have a profound impact.

It doesn’t matter to what extent anxiety controls your life at the moment, when you learn just a few free positive affirmation you will see and feel the difference in yourself. In fact, you may be able to pass on this anxiety affirmation to others in your life: “I can tame my fears because I am in control.”

We all deal with anxiety, but there really are positive ways to deal with it!

Ronnie Nijmeh is the president and founder of ACQYR.com – a resource that provides free desktop wallpapers, motivational articles, and inspirational affirmations. Read more free positive affirmations.

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