The Most Recognized Natural Anxiety Cures, What Is Effective And What Is Not

By | August 27, 2016

Anxiety comes in many forms such as, social anxiety, separation anxiety and test anxiety. However, the most daunting and life upsetting type of anxiety is extreme nervousness which leads to attacks of panic and in many cases agoraphobia. This leaves the sufferer locked in his or her home being unable to overcome the fear of the outside world.

It is normal to look for a cure that is easy to administer and doesn’t further upset the sufferer with constant medical care and medications that often lead the patient into becoming further removed from a normal way of life.

When we look for cures reputed to cure people without psychotherapy or extreme medications, we often find someone who is telling of the miracle effects of some herb or another. After all, wouldn’t this be the perfect cure; a magic elixir with no side effects?

In this article, we will talk about so-called natural anxiety cures such as herbs, and see if they are actually worthwhile. Instead of looking at just the possibilities, we will also discuss what may be some of the downside to some of these natural cures and what is the best route to take.


It has been said herbs, like “Valerian Root Extract,” for instance have been very helpful in the cure of anxiety. While this could be true it has to be understood that anything that has a tranquilizing effect on a person may have other effects as well. Probably the worst time to experiment with a pill of any type would be when a person is in a state of confusion and bewilderment already.

It is true, Valerian Root has properties that can help a nervous person calm down, but to a person who is very sensitive to his or her feelings, any change felt might just bring on more anxiety. Herbs do have side effects and are not a cure all for anxiety sufferers.


If your Doctor tells you you’re fit enough to perform aerobic exercises, it couldn’t hurt to add it to your weekly routine. There is a lot of good exercise can do and a lot of this good is the feeling of well being it brings to those who do it. Of course, it is recommended you start slowly.

Some people are unable to get out and go for a long walk because they are too anxious. For these people it is recommended they start with some exercise program they can do in the home such as following along with a tape or DVD.

In the long run, exercise can prove to be very instrumental in the healing process of one who is recovering from anxiety but it is not in itself a cure. It can promote a feeling of well being, but it does nothing to cut off anxiety at its root.


Performing relaxation techniques such as “Progressive Relaxation” can certainly help overcome feelings of anxiety, at least on a temporary basis. However, after continued use of relaxation, the reprieve from constant anxiety will help give you a solid ground from which the anxious condition may become less severe.

After a couple weeks of using such techniques, anxiety sufferers are able to recall the relaxed feelings the practicing of relaxation brought about and perhaps this will quell an anxiety attack. Doing so, will break the cycle of fear-adrenaline-fear and create a stepping-stone to a complete recovery.

Knowledge is King

After you become familiar with how the nervous system works and you become wise to the fact it is adrenaline, which is bringing on the scary feelings you have been experiencing, a cure can take place. Nervousness is a normal human reaction to outside stimuli, but if it is occurring on a regular basis and it is misunderstood, it can eventually lead to extreme nervousness complete with panic and all the other goodies anxiety is known for.

The ability to relax is helpful, and together with the knowledge of how your nervous system works anxiety can be defeated.

The cure comes in unmasking adrenaline’s dirty work. Overcoming anxiety in this manner is as natural a process as there is. It is more natural than even herbs. However, it is a process that has to be learned. The good news is this cure has been achieved on countless occasions. With the proper information anyone can be completely cured of anxiety, no matter how severe the case may be.

The author of this article is Ed Lathrop. Having lived through an anxiety disorder more than 20 years ago and being free of all its symptoms since that time, he has built a website that deals with anxiety in all it’s different forms. This is a free Website and gives help to anxiety sufferers in a way only a former sufferer of anxiety could. This website can be found at: Treatments for Anxiety Disorder.

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