The Various Kinds Of Sleep Disorders

By | August 28, 2016

The issues related to sleeping have become quiet typical. The main reason behind this problem is the busy life that people lead. A lot of importance is given to work and career. Health is often neglected due to this fact. Efforts are usually not taken to rectify the situation, despite being aware of the various problems that could be faced due to lack of sleep.

The health is affected in a very bad way when one does not get adequate sleep. A person thus becomes vulnerable to numerous problems like emotional outburst, headache, irritation, weight gain, hormonal imbalance and enhanced chances of getting a few kinds of cancer. Undesirable effects are seen in the professional and social life of a person as well, along with health. Weak performance due to lack of concentration would be observed in people who suffer from sleep disorders.

The most common sleep disorder that a lot of people face is insomnia. In this condition one is not able to initiate sleep. The factors that are considered to be responsible for such a condition are stress, over intake of caffeine or a particular medical condition.

Parasomnia can be considered to be the second type of sleep disorder. This disorder is also referred to as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). This disorder includes certain conditions like walking or talking while asleep. Other conditions associated with this disorder are bed wetting and sleeping terrors.

Narcolepsy is the third kind of disorder associated with sleep. An individual suffering from this kind of condition often suddenly falls asleep, regardless of whatever time or place it may be. Thus this is considered to be more serious over the rest of the sleep disorders. People suffering from this condition may also fall asleep as soon as they wake up in the morning. The actual cause for this disorder is still not known. Hypocretin which is an amino acid that determines if an individual should be asleep or awake is however lacking in people who suffer from such a problem.

Sleep apnea is one among the common disorders associated with sleep. Interruption in breathing is caused when one is asleep. This interruption is due to the vibrations of the soft tissues that are present in the throat, nose and mouth. As a result of this interruption, there is a noise caused which is often referred to as snoring. Congestion of the nose and being overweight are the main reasons that lead to such a condition. Additionally people who have such a disorder are usually at a high risk of getting diseases associated with the heart.

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