The Causes of Anxiety Attacks and How We Can Prevent Them

By | September 21, 2016

Anxiety attacks seem to come on suddenly without warning and when it inconveniences us the most. Once an anxiety attack strikes it becomes the center of all our attention. It gives us all we can handle and though we try our very best to overcome it, anxiety with its panic attacks come on anyway.

Having feelings of being unreal or in another world are how many people describe anxiety attacks. Some even believe they are going out of their minds. However, anxiety sufferers are not going out of their minds. Anxiety is a condition where adrenaline is secreted through the bloodstream uncontrollably. It has nothing to do with insanity. Anxiety sufferers may have unreal feelings while they are having anxiety attacks, but actually, these people are usually normal and well adjusted.

This article speaks about what actually is happening when an anxiety or panic attack is occurring and also discusses how to prevent panic from occurring. Also, we discuss what to do that will help stop further panic attacks from starting.

Doing the Tighten Up

Adrenaline shoots through our veins in response to fight or flight. What this means is, when we are struggling to overcome some situation or when we are trying to get away from something, such as a wild animal, adrenaline will enter into our bloodstreams. This adrenaline is there to help us fight better and run away faster. In certain situations it is good that we are able to fight better or run faster, but when adrenaline secretion is already giving us feelings of unreality, fighting this adrenaline secretion or trying to run away from it only secrets more adrenaline and makes us feel more unreal.

Other times anxiety when it strikes, is so disconcerting to the sufferer, he or she becomes determined to never let an episode of this terrible thing to ever hit again. This makes the person tense up up and be constantly looking over his or her shoulder for any sign these awful feelings are returning. This is also a way to create anxiety.

After an anxiety attack has come and gone and the anxiety sufferer feels good, he or she can make the mistake of fearing an another onslaught of panic. This can happen because the sufferer feels well and wants to always feel this way. So, he or she makes sure to be on guard so at the slightest sign of nervousness, the anxiety can be successfully fought off.

Fighting is a sure fire way to turn ordinary nervousness into full fledged panic. Without fighting we can start to turn the corner on panic attacks, even though it will take some time for panic attacks to stop coming back after we learn just how to do this. Still, when we are always looking out for, shying away from and forcing panic away, we are inviting it.

A Passive Attitude

Since anxiety is always fueled by fighting and/or running away, it lessons in intensity when it is ignored. I know, this is easier said than done, but it is the key to becoming free of anxiety and panic attacks.

To put it another way, anxiety disorder becomes less and less prominent in one’s life once he or she learns how to disregard the feelings of unreality and all the other bewildering and horrible feelings anxiety brings about. It is when we accept these feelings are nothing more than tricks brought on by adrenaline flowing through our veins that we stop aiding anxiety’s terror and start on the path to becoming free of panic attacks forever.

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