Prescription Drugs Are Being Used In Record Numbers By Teens

By | October 1, 2016

The dangers of illegal drug use have long been documented, so it is natural that you would want your teen to avoid these dangerous substances. And for many teens, they are also substances that they wouldn’t want to try. However, when a curious teen stumbles across an old bottle of pain killers that a parent was prescribed after a surgery, curiosity might get the best of them and they might not know just how dangerous their experimentation can be.

More than ever, teens are turning to prescription drugs in lieu of illegal ones. The Partnership for a Drug Free America found some alarming statistics. Among these stats were that one in five teens has abused a prescription pain medication, one in 10 has abused cough medication and one in five have abused prescription stimulants and tranquilizers.

Many teens think that these drugs are safe to use simply because they have legitimate uses, however prescription drugs are many times just as strong and addictive as their illegal counterparts. For example, the primary ingredient in pain killers, opiates, are very similar to what is used to make heroin, one of the most deadly and addictive illegal drugs available. Many times, kids who abuse the drugs to get a high, forget about the fact that those who are prescribed the drugs are done so under a doctor’s supervision for very specific illnesses. Additionally, if prescription drugs are mixed, the side effects and potential allergic reactions can be particularly dangerous, even deadly.

Another factor in the use of prescription drugs by teens is that prescription drugs can often be easier to obtain because of their legality. Other teens feel invincible, that they can do whatever they want and will never face any repercussions or negative side effects.

With the ease of access that kids have to prescription drugs, what are some of the steps that can be taken to curtail usage? First, start at home by reducing access to any drugs you may have in your house. Take an inventory of the number of pills that you have as well as the number of refills of prescriptions. Next, store prescription medicines in a safe place where only you know where they are and tell family and relatives to do the same. Finally, dispose of any old medications that are no longer being used or have expired.
Additionally, talk to the families of any children whom you know your children may spend time with to make sure they take similar precautions. Another prevention method that many parents choose to use is a home drug test. A home drug test can offer sure results and helps to keep an open line of communication between parents and children. offers an at home drug test program that provides accurate home drug test kits along with on-going support and information. Drug Test Club brand home drug test kits are simple to activate and test for 10 different drugs, including prescription drugs such as Xanax, Opium (often found in pain killers), Oxycodone, Barbita, Seconal, and Ativan. A membership includes support, a members only web page, lab confirmation access and more. School and group drug testing programs are available as well. Free shipping is included.

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Prescription Drugs Are Being Used In Record Numbers By Teens.

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