Hypnosis For Anxiety: Reduction of Panic Anxiety and Disorder

By | October 21, 2016

Anxiety is a major contributing factor in creating psychological disorders and psychiatric problems. A chronic and persistent feeling of anxiety can be categorized as a case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD. On the other hand, a chronic and intense episode of anxiety during panic attacks is diagnosed as a Panic Disorder. There are numerous helpful treatments for reducing and avoiding anxiety attacks. One is through the use of hypnosis but how effective do hypnosis works in preventing anxiety and panic attacks?

Normally, people experience anxiety everyday especially in times when we are expose to a stressful situation. It may be an unpleasant feeling but anxiety serves as our body’s natural response to danger. In fact, anxiety is triggered every time that we feel threatened and it enables us to stay alert, be prepared and to keep our focus. However, constant feeling of anxiety can be very overwhelming that it can affect our relationship with our family and other people as well as interfere with our daily activities. In this case, one needs to seek a help of a professional.

Many have tried to control their anxiety using tranquilizers, anxiolytics and anti depressant drugs but this can only provide brief relief from anxiety. In order to gain full control over the problem, it is best to undergo therapy sessions.

Hypnosis, for example, works successfully in reducing and evading anxiety attacks because it can help a person find answers to whatever it is that causing his/her anxiety attacks. It can help someone to relax and allow that person to utilize the imagination in creative ways that feed the mind with positive thoughts.

Our imagination plays an important role in controlling our organs. It stimulates and sends electrical messages to different body systems particularly the nervous, endocrine and the immune systems. How the body responds to this stimulus depends on what kind of message it receives. For instance, a healthy thought creates a calming feeling while a disturbing idea produces anxiety.

Hypnosis can access and change alarming messages to a positive one and enables a person to reveal the root cause of his/her anxiety. Through understanding the cause of anxiety, a person can control the annoying symptoms of anxiety attacks.

Anxiety victims who subject themselves to hypnotherapy found the treatment sessions to be very relaxing and therapeutic that their anxiety levels were significantly reduced and they have avoided panic attacks. In addition, patients claimed that they were no longer dependent on prescription drugs to control the symptoms of their anxiety.

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