Soft laser therapy for pain killer

By | October 29, 2016

Soft laser therapy is a new cutting edge technology for many problems such as acne, burns, scars, muscle pains, pigmentation and many more. A soft laser treatment is available in major hospitals and it is quite expensive therapy. Hence a innovative and useful device b-cure laser is invented which can afford by almost everyone’s pocket.

B-cure laser contains a clinical soft laser power in a rechargeable, portable, light and user friendly device. It is used for a rapid and efficient treatment on pains, burns, wounds, acne, skin rejuvenation and sports injuries. It is the world’s number one device with an equivalent healing power of fully equipped soft laser machines in the hospitals.

The soft laser power of b-cure laser enables the effective laser beam penetration int the tissues to relax them. It provides immediate and continuous treatments and achieves high quality and fast recovery in a short time span. Mostly laser devices should be used without eye contact but this is an unique treatment device which can be used without eye cover.

Soft laser device contains red and infra-red light beam over wound or injuries to achieve faster relief for pain. It can be useful to treat muscle pain. There are many people who are suffered with acute chronic muscle pain. They always try for massage or hands of pain killer tablets to achieve relief from pain. Long term course of pain killer tablets can be harmful for other parts of body and massage is a very long term procedure. B-cure laser can be a solution for them.

Soft laser treatment can work as a wonder for skeletal, tissue pain and injuries. This can be useful for chronic joint inflammation, sports injuries, fresh scars, wounds, lower-upper back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow joint pain, Achilles tendon infection, carpal tunnel syndrome, lymph-edema and many more.

Shoulder and neck pain is a common muscle pain and many people deal with it on daily basis. Soft laser treatment reduces the pain and increases strength of your muscle as well. When your body absorbs the laser beam, multiple chain reactions such as blood flow invigoration, cell activity excitation and intensification of inter-cell communication occurs.

The action of laser beam increases the synthesis of endorphins hormones that relives the pain. It recover the wound by increasing the production of collagen and elastin to accelerates blood flow using endothelial cells. It helps to heal wounds by activating immunization chain reactions such as arouses the macrophages cells and increases the number of mast cells.

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