Sleep Do’s And Don’ts

By | November 1, 2016

It’s time to get back to basics about the do’s and don’ts of sleep! For some people, getting a sound sleep is the number one thing they would ever dream of! There are people who have gotten so far away from the basics that they no longer enjoy that same restful night that so many of us take for granted. A lot of people get caught up in the fast paced game of earning money to survive and they sometimes go over the limit. In order to fulfill their goals at any cost, they create some initial bad habits which eventually get bigger and turn into a physical or mental disorder. So what are the things that lead to these problems? Instead of putting themselves into peaceful and prosperous life, they end up beaten and out of energy? This was the result of not listening to the “do’s” and instead following the “don’ts” of proper sleep.

In life, there are a lot of things that we should practice for happiness and well-being. The race to get ahead sometimes takes the lead in our priorities and this can be a good thing for a while until it goes too far. Scheduling in a solid 8 hours of sleep each night is something that the wisest people have always maintained in their lives. You can’t make good decisions or keep your head about you if you are frazzled and distraught. Furthermore, the sleep you do get that night will not be as productive if you lie down with all these worries and problems rushing through your brain. One hour in the morning where you work with a clear head and a relaxed mind will oftentimes produce ten times the results that an entire day with a frazzled and distraught mind could never produce.

In terms of the “don’ts” about sleep, some people tend to think that medicine will help them to get the kind of sleep they need. Rather than scheduling in the amount of time they need and simply disciplining themselves to lie down each night, they opt for a series of pills or alcoholic beverages to get them where they want to be. Even if there’s no prescription from the doctor, they don’t think twice about what will eventually become of this new habit they are developing. “My friend does this and so I will do this too!” is a common rationalization for taking medicine to sleep or drinking alcohol before bed. People who decide this for themselves are obviously following one of the “don’ts” of good sleep habits.

Insomnia is one of the eventual results of poor sleep and it may become the result of prolonged anxiety or even depression that keeps a person up night after night. A popular way of relieving yourself of insomnia is to begin a routine of yoga or meditation each day. This will teach your mind to relax and teach you to sit still so that it will eventually be easier to lie down and sleep each night as needed. Yoga and meditation exercises teach us to focus on our breathing and to watch our thoughts and emotions as we practice sitting still. At first, it seems that our mind and our emotions are a river out of control. Eventually, after practicing for a few weeks, we begin to see the river slow down and our emotions become more calm and relaxed. This has a very profound effect on the way we sleep at night and brings an overall sense of well-being that was worth every bit of effort we put into it.

Generally speaking, it is important to avoid too much stress in life. Accomplishments and challenges are very important but keeping your head and maintaining a healthy balance is also essential to a happy life. Too much stress can eventually lead to a sleep disorder. Relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga will all help to relieve these problems before they become too serious. The fact is everybody should make sure that they are getting enough sleep and should refrain from doing the things that can cause a sleep disorder. It’s really great to have fun and to take life by the horns but don’t exchange this for the proper amount of sleep each night! You will have a lot more fun and be a lot more successful if you simply have a good night’s sleep!

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