Can the Linden Method Overcome Anxiety?

By | November 4, 2016

If you have ever had an Anxiety Attack you’ll probably have experienced a reaction so intense that you can’t breathe, you feel chest pain, you can’t move and you feel like your entire world is collapsing…Anxiety attacks are the most extreme example of an anxiety reaction. When anxiety reaches a level of no return the body reacts by causing the sufferer to experience symptoms like Breathlessness, ‘Racing’ heart, Shaking, Dizziness, Stomach symptoms, Blurred vision, ‘Pins and needles’ sensations in limbs, Difficulty swallowing and Chest pains.

This is a extreme reaction that inidcates extreme danger for the sufferer. As described by Wikipedia, , Anxiety is a psychological and physiological state characterized by cognitive, somatic, emotional, and behavioural components.

So, what causes Anxiety Attacks? This is a extreme reaction that inidcates extreme danger for the sufferer. Anxiety Attacks are a response to a perceived danger or threat. This causes the body to respond by activating the fight/flight response. It is so named because all of its effects are aimed towards either fighting the danger/threat or fleeing it. Thus, the number one purpose for panic and anxiety is to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, it is hard to put all Anxiety Attacks in the same category, mainly because each person has a unique chemical make up, and the type, number, intensity, and frequency of these anxiety symptoms can vary from person to person. However all have a common denominator,they set in motion the natural protection system of the body called the fight/flight response, which raises the level of stress in the body dramatically causing the many symptoms to emerge. Some of the reasons you could have an Anxiety Attack are: You have just been fired, you lost all your money, your husband or wife has left you, you had a car accident, someone close to you have died etc.. The reason could be many but are all related to the same emotions of despair, fear, powerless and isolation and the fight/flight response.

Part of a plan for management of Anxiety may include ‘coping’ medications like Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft and Paxil or other methodologies with less side effects like the Linden Method. The Linden Method is a Natural, Side-Effect Free treatment for panic attacks, anxiety, and phobias using cognitive behavioural therapy. The method was developed by Charles Linden, who was an anxiety sufferer himself. The method is based on the idea that the amygdala, can be “reprogrammed” in people with anxiety disorders. In the method, Charles guides the anxiety sufferer through a process that will “reprogram” the amygdala to bring about an Anxiety FREE Life. Charles Linden states that his method has over 96.7% success at eliminating Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias!

Some of the advantages of using the Linden Method include: *Free you of your anxiety and panic attacks *Help you move on with your life, instead of standing still *Permanently remove the symptoms that haunt you daily| *Stop unwanted thoughts and panic attacks in their tracks *De-stress and become relaxed and contented *Remove the core cause of your anxiety, without effort *Move forward with the challenges and successes of life

As an NLP Practitioner, life coach and a hypnotherapist, my purpose is to assist you as much as possible. As I can’t be everywhere, I have created a site where I review some of the programs on the market to help you. These are all very effective programs that deliver on their promises. I believe it would be worth having a look. One of the programs I would certainly endorse would be the Linden Method, which you can use to completely eliminate panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and also obsessive-compulsive disorder quickly & permanently. A video review can be found at

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