Treating Toothache Pain The Natural Way

By | November 13, 2016

The problem of aching tooth actually occurs many times on odd times when you do not know what to do and how to do. For an example, if you have suffered from toothache on Friday then you will surely get the dentist on Monday morning only. For 3 consecutive days you do not have any option to go for. At that time you can prefer the home remedies for sure. The worse case can be like not getting appointment for whole week because of dentist’s busy schedule.

It will be better to opt for the home remedies to suppress your pain for few days and get the toothache pain relief in better way.

Have a look at the following best known home remedies for relief from toothache pain.

Clove Oil- The Clove oil is having powerful antibacterial properties and is also a natural pain killer too. The antibacterial element present in it is named as Eugenol. Its antiseptic properties help in killing the bacteria and microorganisms which are making the cavity worse and unbearable. If you really want to make it a real pain killer then just make mixture of table spoon of the extra virgin oil plus few drops like 3-4 drops of clove oil. With the help of the cotton bud you can apply the mixture on to the area of the tooth which is disturbing you. It will surely offer some toothache pain relief.

Black Pepper- Another good home remedy is the Black Pepper which provides both antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in order to give you the desired toothache pain relief on a better chance. A paste can be made with 2-4 table spoons of black pepper along with a pinch of pure salt and some drops of water. This paste has to be applied on the tooth or the gum which is aching.

Hydrogen Peroxide- Another home remedy to offer toothache pain relief is to rinse your mouth with a solution containing 97 percent of water with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. This is because high level of hydrogen peroxide may cause some trouble or irritate the pain a lot. This will also clean up the toxins and germs from the mouth which have really expelled. If you will follow the instructions as given then you will surely receive great relief from the toothache.

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