Problems With Social Anxiety Disorder

By | November 20, 2016

There was a time when social anxiety disorder was not acknowledged as a type of anxiety due to it’s similarity to shyness. However, the clouds have cleared and as a result, there are many Social Anxiety medications available on the market today. Although there are not many specific drugs to treat specific anxiety disorders, this dilemma is compensated by the fact that most anti anxiety medications are well suited for any types of anxiety disorder. Therefore, any mild anti anxiety will be able to treat Social Anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety in simple English is fear of social situations and trying hard to avoid them altogether. A shy person may avoid social activities, but for someone with this social anxiety disorder this is not usually the case. They would probably find themselves, feeling anxious in a specific social situation and this could lead them to panic attacks too. Social anxiety can occur due to experiencing a humiliating situation and this can cause a person to have a sudden change of attitude from joyous and fun mood to a nervous wreck.

First rest assured that you can generally use Social Anxiety medications to treat your condition, but it’s always a good idea to make certain that you truly are suffering from Social Anxiety and not just plain shyness. So here are a few symptoms for you to look out for when next you find yourself in that position. You can rely on Social Anxiety medication to treat your condition but you must make sure it’s not really just shyness. To do this, you can recognize a few symptoms of Social Anxiety disorder.

Fear of being socially humiliated, fear of being embarrassed, heightened feelings of awareness, shortness of breath, sweaty hands, trembling and twitching. If you experience palpitations, nausea and lightheadedness, along with feelings of incompetence and extreme cases of anxiety as well then there’s a good chance that you suffer from Social Anxiety or Social Phobia as it’s also known. These symptoms might seem like normal ‘shy person’ symptoms but they only become Social Anxiety symptoms when they’re experienced in the extreme end of the spectrum of feelings. You could be suffering from Social Anxiety disorder if you find yourself in fear of being socially humiliated and embarrassed. You could also be delicately aware of things; experience shortness of breath, sweaty hands as well as trembling and twitching. Apart from ones mentioned, it is also likely for you to experience palpitations, nausea and lightheadedness, the feeling of uselessness and having extreme cases of anxiety. These are different from that of a shy person because all these are more extreme than normal shyness.

You don’t have to suffer Social Anxiety disorder for long thanks to the available medication to treat the condition. Using the medication in an early stage can save you from all the pain and hardship of dealing with this problem. There are many alternatives method of treatment available so talk o your doctor on which would best suit you such as therapy. Therapy has helped those suffering from this disorder tremendously. Who knows, you’ll probably be amazed at how much you enjoy being in social affairs once you’ve gotten rid of your dilemma.

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