Effective Anxiety Self Help Techniques

By | November 21, 2016

In today’s highly pressure-filled world, many people find themselves suffering from a free-floating anxiety. This is a situation when some people may be paralyzed by fear which prevents them from doing ordinary tasks. Fear and anxiety may interfere with all aspects of life, from work to family activities. People with this condition are said to have Anxiety Disorder.

When you suffer from phobias and fears in general, this is often a symptom of general anxiety. Some people worry excessively, giving themselves physical problems like nausea and diarrhea. The psychological effects are also severe, causing loss of sleep, nightmares, and a damaged self-image. People often make the mistake of treating the symptoms rather than the true cause of their general anxiety.

You will find anxiety self help tips everywhere. It is not that all of the tips that you come across will work for you; some of them work and some of them may not work on some people. It is only through trial and error will you be able to find some anxiety self help tip that will help solve your problem of anxiety.

Anxiety Attack – Find out the trigger

At first it is necessary to identify the triggers that can bring on an anxiety attack. This evaluation exercise will help you identify the sources and causes of your anxiety, and will enable you to resolve and even cure your anxiety attacks better without any medication.

List out all the probable triggers that leads to anxiety attacks. Once you have identified your triggers, you have to analyze them individually to find out which trigger has to be tackled on a first priority basis.

There are many triggers that can trigger an anxiety attack like food, phobias, after effects of a traumatic experience and even fear. It is up to you to find out what triggers your anxiety in yourself.

Next Step – Avoid these triggers

Next, in order to solve your episode of anxiety, shun the things or circumstances that prompt your anxiety. If you feel it somewhat difficult to perform, you can also modify your diet. Excess amounts of caffeine in foods like energy drinks, coffee and aerated water will build up pressure and anxiety in your body since caffeine is known to excite panic attacks.

Introduce more liquids to your diet and avoid alcohol as it excites your brain. If you are hooked to alcohol, at least limit your consumption. Introduce a regular exercise regimen to your daily routine to act as an outlet to vent your stress and anxiety.

Practice meditation and yoga on a regular basis

Meditation and yoga relax the mind and body, and are very helpful in controlling anxiety. Getting a full night of sleep at least seven hours per night is absolutely critical to successfully overcome anxiety.

Another thing to remember is that controlling your anger levels is important, because it will help you to approach life with more peace and patience. Trying these helpful anti-anxiety pointers will allow you to find a way to get your stress under control and stop your anxiety attacks.

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