Is Your Back Pain Indicating Chronic Pain Symptoms?

By | November 26, 2016

If you have been facing persistent back pain symptoms and have been ignoring them so far, then it is now time to give it a serious thought. Pain in the back which is usually severe or gives out a burning sensation can be termed as Chronic Back Pain. chronic pain symptoms are usually faced due to inflammation of the spinal tissues and they last over weeks or even months.

Five Stages from Acute to Chronic Back Pain

In most of the cases back pain progresses from being acute pain to chronic pain. Following are the stages through which you would undergo incase of a back pain:

Stage 1: In this stage, the back pain is at a preliminary phase. Most of us would ignore this back pain considering it to be a usual pain and take rest or maybe catch up on some extra hours of sleep! This stage lasts for maximum 2 -3 days.

Stage 2: The pain refuses to subside and gets stronger. This time you decide to take a pain killer or apply some external ointment to kill the pain. The pain is as severe as stage 1, however still bearable.

Stage 3: You face acute pain in the back and the pain subsides due to pain killers but reappears. However the pain is faced only in one particular area of the back. This is a critical stage. Most of the times, appropriate actions are not taken by the victim to curb these pains. Till this stage 3, you are only facing acute back pain. These pains could last for a week or two.

Stage 4: Many a times, you would see a gap between stage 3 and 4. In this stage you face a severe burning sensation in your back. These pains slowly get unbearable.

Stage 5: In this stage, you observe that the pain is moving from the spinal cord to the hips and into the legs at times and now your pain can be termed as chronic back pain. It is vital to go through a back pain diagnosis and eventually undergo treatments if your pain has lasted not only days but weeks.

All through these stages you will observe that back pain can be self controlled, however only at early stages. Taking pain killers is also only a temporary solution. Rather indulge in some simple stretching back pain exercises at home which could eventually prove to be beneficial. If not totally, surely 50% is in your hands on how you control your chronic pain symptoms and not let them turn into chronic pain symptoms. Also at every stage of back pain it is important to carefully do back pain diagnosis at every stage to be able to provide the right observations to the doctor when needed.

Being knowledgeable about your
chronic pain symptoms is important for the right back pain diagnosis. Sometimes simple back pain exercises can prevent your back pain problem from aggravating. The sooner the better! For more information visit back pain symptoms.