How Erectile Dysfunction Medications Can Help Relieve Impotence in Men and in What Cases Should They be Avoided?

By | January 13, 2017

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man loses his or her ability to maintain an erection for an adequate period of time in order to have sexual intercourse. In some extreme cases of erectile dysfunction men sometimes totally lose their ability to even get an erection. This medical condition is more common in men that are older than 50 years however these days more and more young men in their 30’s are also being affected by this condition mainly due to poor health, excessive drinking and smoking and other such bad health habits. Thanks to advances in science now we have available to us many erectile dysfunction medication that offer instant relief from the problem. These erectile dysfunction medications are mostly recommended to men suffering from mild cases of erectile dysfunction. For those men who are suffering from more extreme conditions, taking an erectile dysfunction medication may not work. For them some extreme measures are necessary like surgery and implants.

The most successful form of treatment for most cases of ED is being delivered through erectile dysfunction medication. The most common and popular erectile dysfunction medication for curing this problem is Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Vardenafil (Levitra). All three of these medicines work in pretty much the same manner. Erectile dysfunction medication works by improving the effects caused by nitric oxide in the human body. Nitric oxide is an essential gas that is produced by our body to help relax the muscles and improve the overall flow of blood. Therefore when you take any of this erectile dysfunction medication your body is able to increase the efficiency of nitric oxide thus enabling you to enjoy a stronger erection whenever you get sexually stimulated. The only different between any of this erectile dysfunction medication is that the duration for which they keep their effect differs. This is why the dosage for each erectile dysfunction medication is also different. On top of that each erectile dysfunction medication has its own set of side effects.

Any erectile dysfunction medication is not meant to totally fix your erectile dysfunction problem rather it is meant to offer you temporarily relief. If over time you feel that your condition is not getting better in fact you feel that it is getting worse then you might need to switch from your erectile dysfunction medication to a more permanent solution like implants or any surgical procedure. In either case never start taking an erectile dysfunction medication on your own without proper consultation from the doctor. Each person has its own health condition and set of problems that might not be apparent to you and you can never know how an erectile dysfunction medication might negatively affect your body.

Some health problems in which the use of an erectile dysfunction medication is discouraged are angina, stroke, heart disease, diabetes etc. For example if you are suffering from angina you will most probably be taking nitrate drugs to cure it. Taking an erectile dysfunction medication along with that medication can cause serious side effects and a whole lot of other problems. If you are taking any anticoagulant medication for blood thinning or any medication for enlarged prostate then again any erectile dysfunction medication can cause other problems which will be harmful to you. Finally patients suffering from low blood pressure, heard diseases, stroke, hypertension, or uncontrolled diabetes should all refrain from any kind of erectile dysfunction medication.

In general erectile dysfunction medication is a great solution for instant relief from impotence in most men and if you consult with a doctor you might find that your case too can be resolved through its use. Just ensure that whatever erectile dysfunction medication you take, you take only after consultation with a doctor.

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