How To Understand Heart Attack Symptoms In Men?

By | February 2, 2017

Heart attacks in men
    As per a research, it has been discovered that 10% of men suffer from heart attack symptoms before the age of 45. Nearly 80% of these stems from coronary artery disease i.e., arteries with cholesterol-filled blockages. Some other causes include blood clots, chest trauma, drug abuse and abnormality of arteries.
    Heart attack is the number 1 reason of deaths especially among men in the US. This condition occurs when the arteries are completely blocked and there is deprivation of oxygen in the heart as blood is unable to pass through the blockage. During this condition, the cells begin to die.
Heart attack symptom triggers
Some of the most common heart attack triggers include:
AgeA previous heart attackDiabetes mellitusFamily history of heart diseasePhysical inactivityOverweightCigarette smokingHigh blood pressureHigh blood cholesterol12 heart attack symptoms in men
Over 50-60% of men experience heart attack symptoms prior to an actual attack. Men generally have a tendency to neglect these symptoms. However, it is vital to consult a doctor immediately else it can lead to complications. Following are some of the most common heart attack symptoms found in men. These include:
Pain in the middle of the chestDiscomfortIrregular heart beatsPain in the upper abdomenPain in several parts of the body such as shoulder, back, arms, teeth or jawShortness of breathFaintingVomiting and NauseaSweatingLight-headednessIndigestionAnxietyPrevent heart attack symptoms in men with Lasix (Furosemide)     Lasix is one of the best medications for preventing heart attacks in men. It is a water pill (loop diuretic) which helps in preventing the body from absorbing excess salt, thereby allowing the salt to pass in the form of urine. This medicine also helps in treating edema (fluid retention) in those having liver disease, nephrotic symptom and congestive heart failure. It also helps in treating hypertension.
Benefits of Lasix
Lasix has manifold benefits. These include:
It helps to treat hypertensionOccasional management of serious hypercalcemia in union with adequate rehydrationAdjunct in cerebral/pulmonary edema where rapid diuresis is neededHelps to treat edema related to renal impairment, heart failure, nephrotic syndrome and hepatic cirrhosis.Precautions while taking Lasix tablet Use this medication with caution in case of any of the following:
Elderly peopleHaving a surgerySevere diarrhea, vomiting or sweatingConsuming alcoholHigh triglycerides/cholesterolLiver disease including cirrhosisEnlarged prostateAn electrolyte imbalanceGoutLupusDiabetesAllergic to sulfa drugsKidney diseaseAllergic to any ingredients present in the tabletPregnancy and breastfeedingYou can buy Lasix (Furosemide) online at discounted prices from one of the most leading and trusted online pharmacies Canada, Global Meds Canada. It is a one stop destination for all drug necessities.