How to Fall Asleep Fast Through Lifestyle Changes

By | February 20, 2017

As baby boomers age, knowing how to fall asleep fast, and knowing how to stay asleep, has become critically important. While it may be true that as we age, we need less sleep, it is also true that as we age, getting restful sleep becomes more challenging as well.

Why are we having so much trouble knowing how to fall asleep fast? Many of us have developed lifestyles that make it difficult to slow our thought processes down. Some of these include:

* stressing out over financial, marital, and health-related issues
* drinking alcohol shortly before bed-time
* watching TV in the bedroom
* working on the computer right before bed-time
* having unresolved conflicts in our relationships
* eating a big meal right before bed-time
* not exercising, and thus not releasing stress
* not breathing from the diaphragm

If you are personally struggling with your sleep, either with knowing how to fall asleep fast, or simply being able to stay asleep throughout the night, you should examine your lifestyle for any of these attributes. Are there some minor modifications you can make to that will you sleep better?

Some natural options to help you sleep fast, besides avoiding the above, include:

* taking a relaxing bath before retiring
* completely turning off the computer in your bedroom (some make noises at night if left on)
* drinking soothing tea about an hour before bed-time
* avoiding caffeine late in the day
* listening to classical music as you drift off
* making sure your room is as dark as possible

Just because you learn how to fall asleep fast does not guarantee you will stay asleep. If you are often waking up in the middle of the night, there are several things you can try to avoid sleep disruptions.

When was the last time purchased a new mattress? And, if it was recently, did you buy a quality mattress? It does make a difference. How is your pillow. Contoured pillows can really help keep your neck in alignment as you sleep.

Sometimes it is just a matter of watching what you eat or drink prior to going to bed. You may want to limit the amount of spicy foods you eat for dinner. Or, if you are waking to use the bathroom, stop drinking water or any other beverage well before bed-time.

Bottom-line, in order to understand how to fall asleep fast, and how to stay asleep, you need to study your lifestyle and your sleep patterns. See if they leave any clues that might help you in your quest for that perfect night sleep.

Sean Dawson has written several articles teaching others how to fall asleep fast. For more specific sleep tips, visit How to Fall Asleep Fast.