What You Need to Know About Fat Stomach

By | February 24, 2017

What You Need To Know To Lose Fat Stomach

In this article i will try to get into the depth of belly fat problem, and make clear once for all what is all about. To lose fat stomach is a general term used for many particular issues related to stomach, and most of the time the so called experts mix them all in one big topic, offering the same typical solutions. Needless to say, none of them really works to remove belly fat.

When we talk about stomach fat is important to make the difference between stomach fat and a big stomach.

Stomach fat term is generally used to define the layer of fat above the stomach and right under the skin, the same layer of fat who is covering the waste line, lower abdomen, posterior and hips. It has a lot to do with being overweight. To remove this layer of fat is possible only through overall weight loss, which means a general reduction of body fat percent. Is not an easy task; it takes time, motivation and a very good weight loss program.

What is the role of fitness in removing the belly fat? Even if many fitness programs promote the wonders of abs exercises, actually this kind of muscle building exercise is not effective to lose fat stomach. It is known that building muscles under the layer of stomach fat will only make your belly look bigger. The best kind of exercises are the cardio type, like running, swimming, bicycling and so on, who support an overall fat percent reduction.

A fat stomach, or a big stomach is something totally different. It is the stomach itself, the digestive organ residing under the layer of fat. In our modern world of fast foods and carbonated drinks, almost nobody has a normal sized stomach. What i mean by that? A normal sized stomach should not excel the chest level on a vertical line. Unfortunately even most skinny people have a swollen fat stomach; as for the overweight persons, they commonly carry huge bellies who raise way above the chest line.

A stomach like that is usually hiding all kind of digestive problems, food allergies, heartburn and acid reflux occurrences, problems that in time will need serious medical intervention. And to get rid of them something more efficient than diet or fitness is needed.

Another thing worth mentioning about a fat stomach is the way he actually slows down the whole metabolism. The digestive processes are taking about eighty percent of whole body’s energy, and the more problematic the digestion is, the longer this energy is wasted. The result is a lower resistance to disease, low level of energy, and a shortened lifespan. In the same time, with so little energy left for other metabolism tasks, there is no wonder that losing weight is such a herculean task. The body just don’t have enough resources to burn the fat surplus.

So before looking for a solution to remove the belly, know what your problem really is. Beside the factors listed above, you should also consider factors like age, health condition, body constitution or lifestyle. A woman in her late thirties, after one or more pregnancies will have a different body constitution than a man in his twenties, and will need a different solution. Someone who have being overweight for a long time will need a different approach than a person who is not overweight but only have a big stomach. Just the same about someone who is physically active against a person who sits all day at the office.

The details and are too many to be covered in one article. But i think i managed to make a bit clearer that there is no “one size fits all’ solution to lose fat stomach. Yet it doesn’t mean that you cannot solve this problem and have to live with a big stomach for the rest of your life. In fact, the more you understand about your stomach, what are the causes of an excessive fat belly and the best ways to deal with it, the easier will become to get rid of it.

All the details about stomach issues, along with simple cures and solutions to get rid of stomach fat are covered in the comprehensive website No Stomach Fat. Remember that the stomach health is a key element that can make or break your life quality and weight loss rate.