Distinct Side Effects Of Cough Syrup Addiction

By | February 25, 2017

Cough medication or cough syrups can be extremely addictive if utilized incorrectly. Dextromethorphan is the substance in a cough medicine which may induce addiction or dependency. A dissociative narcotic like dextromethorphine suppresses heavy to minor coughing but its severe effects are generally obstructing impulses to the brain which gives an individual a dream like experience. Cough syrup dependency is common among adolescents due to the fact they are able to purchase the medication very easily. This is not an illegal drug or a prescription medication, it’s an over the counter cough medicine which could be found in any drug store.

There are actually distinct side effects for people who have cough syrup addiction; some may feel like they’re floating while other people are unable to figure out which is real and which of it a figment of their imagination. One very dangerous effect happens when cough medication is combined with alcoholic beverages. This could cause a drop in pulse rate and motor skills where if continued on to higher doses may cause death. Cough medication should never be combined with other nervous system depressants like sleeping supplements and pain medications; this could cause similar reactions as with its combination to alcohol.

Long term adverse reactions of such robitussin use may result in having bladder problems where a person is not able to urinate or can only urinate a small quantity over a period of time. One of the worst negative effects it can bring is minor memory gaps or loss of memory. This is a severe side effect that could be either immediately treated or would undergo an extreme treatment method to prevent even further brain damage. Individuals who display signs of difficulty focusing or mental confusion need to instantly visit a doctor. These are the earlier signs of the long term effects which cough medication addiction brings.

For people using this drug moderately, they could just cease its intake right away should they feel that they are becoming dependent on it. However for those who have abused this medication for a long time, the most suitable choice of treatment is with a rehab program or enrolling in a treatment facility. The addictive properties of this medication are similar to that of pain killers and anxiety medicines but in much smaller doses. Although it is an over the counter medication it doesn’t mean that it’s not dangerous and addictive if utilized without the proper guidance from a medical professional

Written by Kitz Lerqo. If you would like to know more info about drug abuseand also abuse of robitussin