All About Generic Sildenafil Citrate

By | February 27, 2017

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be defined as a person’s inability to sustain or even obtain erection. This condition can be very frustrating as it leads to an unsatisfactory sex life.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction reach out for Sildenafil Citrate, a licensed prescription medicine. Manufactured by Pfizer, this drug is currently patent protected. However, when the patent expires in the year 2012, there are great chances that a generic Sildenafil Citrate version will be available. Many companies waiting for the medication to go off patent will join the fray and manufacture a generic version of this popular drug.

Contrary to popular belief, Sildenafil Citrate is not a generic version of Viagra. It is, on the other hand, an active ingredient in Viagra which is why people refer to it as its generic name. Medicines like Viagra, Silagra and generic Sildenafil citrate ensures optimum flow of blood to the penis by blocking a chemical that reduces the flow. Improved erection is a direct result of more blood flow.

Dosage of patented or generic Sildenafil Citrate depends on various factors. Before prescribing the medication with the right dosage, your healthcare provider will first take into account your age, medications you are currently on and any medical conditions you presently suffer from. It is highly recommended not to adjust the dosage of the drug on your own.

Patented or generic Sildenafil Citrate must be taken at least an hour before sexual intercourse though many doctors recommend dosage of 50mg to be taken between 4 hours and 30 minutes before having sex.

Before you start using this drug, it is imperative to inform your doctor on any health issues such as history of arrhythmia or stroke in the past year, liver disease, blood vessel or heart disease, hypertension or high blood pressure, hypotension or low blood pressure, allergies, retinitis pigmentosa, leukemia, multiple myeloma, sickle cell anemia, history of painful erection also known as priapism, cavernosal fibrosis, peyronie’s disease, angulation or any other condition that leads to penis deformation.

It is also necessary to keep your healthcare provider informed of any non-prescription or prescription medicines you take including herbal supplements, vitamins and antacids. Though this medicine is very effective, it is better to rule out any allergic reactions, unpleasant side effects and drug interactions.

Generic Sildenafil Citrate, like any other drug, will soon be available at offline as well as online pharmacies. It is important to choose the best online pharmacy supplying authentic and genuine drugs. Before you buy generic Sildenafil Citrate, choose a reliable and reputed online store. Read a lot of customer testimonials to find out the level of service and quality of drugs supplied by the store.

Be sure to go through the privacy page on the website to find out all about their returns and replacement policy in case you have any issue with the supply.

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