Performance Anxiety can present in Many Ways

By | March 4, 2017

Performance anxiety can strike virtually anyone at any time. Whenever concerns about pleasing a particular person or an entire audience build up to the point of irrationality, symptoms of performance anxiety tend to show up. These can range from a complete paralyzing fear to undertake the task at hand to such physical signs as sweating, shaking and losing focus. Generally rooted in a fear of failure, this kind of anxiety is considered quite normal under certain circumstances. It becomes a much bigger concern, however, if the problem persists or repeats itself frequently.

This anxiety tends to be known most prominently in two major arenas. The symptoms of both major instances are quite similar. If the concerns are transient or only appear once or twice, the anxiety might not be anything other than a normal reaction to stress and a desire to excel. If symptoms present repeatedly or get worse, an anxiety disorder could be to blame.

Sexual Performance Anxiety

This form of anxiety generally strikes men and hampers their ability to enjoy sexual relations. It commonly presents itself when a man is with a new partner or even if concerns about being able to continually please a long-term partner arise. This type of anxiety can strike young men, as well as older men.

Sexual performance anxiety in and of itself is not an uncommon occurrence and generally isn’t a cause for alarm. Most men experience it at one point in life or another. If the condition persists and continues to interfere with ability to perform, professional help might be needed to overcome it.

Stage Performance Anxiety

Stage fight is another form of anxiety that is not at all uncommon. Some people experience this on a mild, but regular basis. Others find they suffer from a single bought and then never experience signs or symptoms again. This type of anxiety is quite common in performers, public speakers and even meeting attendees who are called upon to answer questions. Stories about skilled stage performers getting struck by serious attacks of fright or anxiety abound, so it is important to keep the condition in perspective. In moderation, it is not at all out of the ordinary for most people.

There are certain times when this form of performance anxiety might be cause for concern. As is the case with sexual performance anxiety, if stage fright is severe or persists, professional assistance might be called for.

This kind of anxiety is typically rooted in a fear of failure. Most people suffer from it in one form or another during their lifetime. If the condition persists or its symptoms are particularly severe, professional assistance can often result in a person being able to overcome problems and excel at the desired task.

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