A Healthy Lifestyle Is Man’s Best Choice

By | March 5, 2017

Building a healthy lifestyle is a cornerstone to living a full life. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just cutting calories to lose weight or taking the stairs. A healthy lifestyle is one based on maintaining physical, social and spiritual well being. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is about balance, calculated choices and motivation. A key component to living a healthy lifestyle is exercising on a regular basis.


Over the years, research has shown us that diet and exercise play an important role in the prevention of heart disease. Before developing an exercise plan, discuss with your health care team what exercises, if any, would be good for you. Exercise can be fun and the best way to make sure it’s habitual is to incorporate an activity you enjoy into your lifestyle, such as a favorite sport or a nice walk. Regular exercise that makes you sweat is important for detoxification and improving general health.

Physical aerobic exercise is critically important, because it gets oxygen, sugar (as glucose), and nutrients to the brain. Eat a variety of healthy foods from all food groups Drink plenty of water Exercise 30 minutes or more most days of the week. Whatever kind of exercise and nutrition plans you opt for, do not become discouraged if the pounds refuse to drop off right away.

Work On Your Fitness

If you have come to the decision that living a healthy lifestyle is what you want, then you will need to work on your fitness. Fitness gives your body the conditioning it needs and works hand in hand with a healthy diet. Fitness keeps your weight in check, helps you sleep better at night, prevents heart attacks and strokes and generally prolongs your life. If you can work up a good sweat for 30 minutes, and hold a conversation during that time without being out of breath, you are giving your body a proper workout for cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. Those who have experienced the good health effects of being fit, however, seldom allow themselves to loose too much fitness.

Healthy Diet And Exercise

Healthy diet and exercise are the cornerstones of proper weight management. Healthy food should be eaten as close to the way nature made it as possible; and in this author’s eyes that means RAW. At the farmer’s market or vegetable stand, watch for tomatoes, green beans, bell peppers, blackberries, blueberries and watermelon as all are high in anti-oxidants to keep you healthy. Cooking method is extremely important if you are eating healthily because what’s the use of choosing healthy foods then unwisely cooking them by adding excessive oil and fats.

By making healthy nutrition and exercise choices early in life, you may be able to avoid serious health problems when you are older, such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Cut down on the amount of meat you eat, or consider switching to healthy vegetarian eating. Eating small snacks between meals can be a healthy way to add good nutrition and keep your energy up during the day. The key with snacks is to have healthy stuff on hand.

Eating a Healthier Diet

Diets for woman are a much larger area of the industry but there is not only a demand for healthy diets for men, there is a need for healthy eating plans for men. Eating a healthier diet is actually much simpler than most people make it; you should eat when you are hungry “not by the clock” and stop when you are full. A healthful diet is also low in saturated fat from meat and whole dairy products, trans fatty acids from fried foods and snack foods, salty foods, refined grains, and concentrated sweets. Evaluate your current diet, then set goals based on the pattern that will keep you healthy. And you’ll also be able to eat the less healthful foods that matter to you most, as long as your portion sizes are reasonable and your overall dietary pattern is sound.

When it comes down to dieting, there are several simple habits that can help you achieve a healthier weight. Usually when people eat larger portions they end up adding unnecessary calories and fat to their diet. The first step you can take toward a healthier diet is to reduce your food intake slightly. The second step you can take toward a healthier weight is to eliminate carbonated drinks from your diet. So if you are looking to shed a few pounds and you are not up for a drastic diet, try applying some of these tips into your lifestyle.

The Mediterranean Diet

If you’re looking for a heart-healthy eating plan, the Mediterranean diet might be right for you. The Mediterranean diet incorporates the basics of healthy eating – plus a splash of flavorful olive oil and perhaps a glass of red wine – among other components characterizing the traditional cooking style of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Key components of the Mediterranean diet include:

Eating a generous amount of fruits and vegetables
Consuming healthy fats such as olive oil and canola oil
Eating small portions of nuts
Drinking red wine, in moderation
Consuming very little red meat
Eating fish on a regular basis
Fruits, vegetables and grains.

Grains in the Mediterranean region are typically whole grain and usually contain very few unhealthy trans fats, and bread is an important part of the diet there. Once you experience the delicious and healthy choices the Mediterranean diet has to offer, it just might become your favorite diet.


As you age multivitamins become especially important because multivitamins can help you maintain the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Multivitamins are the safest things that anyone can take and are even safer than drinking coffee, an expert panel has discovered. Multivitamins are an easy way for Americans to garner the vitamins and minerals they need every day to better their health, and general well being. While multivitamins can be a valuable tool to correct dietary imbalances, it is worth exercising basic caution before taking them, especially if any medical conditions exist. Liquid multivitamins don’t have to be digested so they are absorbed within the system a lot quicker than pills. Liquid multivitamins naturally go down easy and are available in a variety of flavors (children enjoy this aspect).


Man health issues need to be taken seriously. Living a healthy lifestyle is not an impossible goal. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best choices you can ever make and those who have and continue to do, never regret it.

Man health issues need to be taken seriously. Living a healthy lifestyle is not an impossible goal. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best choices you can ever make and those who have and continue to do, never regret it. Find out more about A Healthy Lifestyle is Man’s Best Choice Paul Rodgers specializes in marketing natural health and beauty products.