Codeine and Kratom: Comparing Two Products commonly used for Pain Relief

By | April 10, 2017

Codeine belongs to the family of narcotic medicine. What are narcotic drugs? These are medications that give relief from pain and its primary side effect is sleepiness. It definitely changes your mood and behavior. Codeine is best used in the treatment of mild to severe pain. Aside from Codeine, people now acknowledged the health benefits of Kratom. It offers pain relief from post surgical patients. The good thing about Kratom is that it does not produce any addictive effect. It is as effective as codeine, but is more of a practical and natural choice. For the greatest pain killing effect, Kratom is the perfect choice.

Codeine is being prescribed by doctors to treat mild to moderate pain. How does it work? It binds opioid receptors in the brain thereby reducing the pain and swelling. As a matter of fact, codeine is also helpful in the management of dry cough. It is also effective in controlling diarrhea episodes.

Codeine is combined with other medications and the truth to the matter is that you can actually buy some of these medications over the counter. However, the effects of such medications are short term only.

Codeine is a strong painkiller medication and in some countries you can only buy it if you have prescriptions. The primary reason for this is that codeine is an addictive medication. If you take codeine together with depressant medication or with alcohol, it will produce adverse reactions such as seizures, difficulty of breathing, and even death. It is highly addictive so you should be cautious in taking Codeine. Less fatal side effects are nausea with or without vomiting, dizziness, bradycardia, slow respiration rate, and even constipation. Just recently, Kratom has been introduced in the world-wide market place. With its complexity of usage, a lot of people are enticed to use the herb.

People who have tried using Kratom have expressed their satisfaction in regard with the use of kratom, but on the contrary there are also people who found Kratom ineffective. As you know, the effect of Kratom varies from one person to another. It will all depend on the biochemical make up of the body.

The top notch benefit of Kratom is its main role in easing drug dependency and addiction. Addiction is impossible to take place with Kratom. If you want to stop taking Kratom, you can do so any time you want to. You will not experience any withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is a very efficient pain relief without making the patient dependent on the drug. It does not only get rid of addiction, but as well as spare addiction from happening.

If you are going to take Kratom, you will feel like you are taking strong prescription pain killing drug such as morphine and codeine. It produces the same effect like the opiate drugs, but it also produces euphoric effects. Some people are afraid to try Kratom because they think that it can cause harmful effects, but the truth is that Kratom is even safer than the prescribed medications.

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